Ok, so like I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely CANNOT eat the same thing every. Single. Day.


One of my absolute FAVORITE meals is breakfast because I’m the type of person who wakes up legit starving.

I typically stick to a sweeter breakfast because that’s what my body craves (sweet tooth is REAL), so I usually will eat things like oatmeal with cinnamon and almond milk. Or a non-dairy yogurt with granola.

So back story: the other day my bestie Hanna and I went to Tropical Smoothie in Jacksonville, FL and I got the BEST smoothie I’ve ever had.

For real.

So I decided to recreate that smoothie for my breakfasts this week and it is BOMB!

The ingredients are super simple:

-Handful of frozen mango chunks

-Handful of frozen pineapple chunks

-Handful of spinach




That’s it!

I’m telling you this smoothie is GAME changing, so good. And so good for you!

I also started to add things like:

-chia seeds

-ground flax seed


-almond milk/oat milk (instead of water)

-protein powder

-cashew/almond butter

And you have a healthy, take it to-go breakfast!

So yum!


SPRING BREAK ESSENTIALS: For the college chick

Are you screaming that it’s ALREADY HERE!!

We’re talking SPRING BREAK BABY!

Where are you going?

My bestie Hanna and I are staying put in Savannah for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations where my BEAUTIFUL cousin is also heading in town to come party with us, (if you don’t know, now you know about the SAV and their St. Paddy’s celebrations), THEN we are STRAIGHT headed down to Florida to hang on the beach in Tampa, then strutting on over to Orlando for some Universal FUN.

Today I am sharing the essentials that will be with me throughout our entire trip.


First, lets start out with our skin, shall we?

If you’ve been following along for a while then you know that one of my absolute skincare staples is the Mario Badescu Rose Aloe Spray. I legit spray that shit on my face, hair, neck, body, literally everywhere because it works WONDERS people.

It’s also like $12 for the biggest size bottle which is insane cheap for the quality of this stuff people. Like, insert Post Malone, Wow.

Next up, SUNSCREEN!!

This is going to be SO vital ladies!! Especially if you really are a college chick reading this because we are in the PRIME to take care of our skin NOW so we don’t hate ourselves later down the line!


Ok, is it instilled in your head yet??

I’m saying like, ALLLL over. M’kay?

Protect the skin you’re in!

Ok, another super important part of spring break in the heat and sun is staying hydrated ladies!!

You all know how much I PREACH this!! This is so important in keeping your skin, and body healthy! You need to make sure you’re staying hydrated in the hot sun if you’re partying on the beach all day, drinking ANY kind of alcohol, or just walking around being a tourist all day! Water will be my biggest accessory this spring break, that’s for SURE.

Some other skin care essentials that are a MUST for your suitcase are:

  • A cooling aloe face-mask, I recommend the Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber Gel Aloe Mask
  • Sunglasses, the bigger the better to cover more skin
  • A sunhat, or baseball caps, I love these plain colored caps from Amazon, I have them in both white and black.
  • Self tanner, so you can look golden and stunning without the damage of your skin.
  • Anti-bacterial gel, you never know if the beach is going to have bathrooms with working sinks.
  • Bring a re-usable water bottle so that wherever you are you can hydrate!



Alright girlfriends, are you ready for this list?


  • Rompers, easy to throw on over a suit if needed, and super comfy.
  • BIKINIS, bring all of them. ALL the bikinis. Because duh.
  • Cut-off shorts, dressy shorts, colorful shorts
  • Tank tops, in all colors
  • Jumpsuits
  • PJ’s, I’m planning on bringing light weight pj’s like a silk pair.
  • A hoodie, I’m bringing my Georgia Southern hoodie because gotta rep where you come from over break!
  • Leggings
  • A cute workout outfit, because runs on the beach are a MUST.
  • A nice dress for going out
  • Sandals
  • Running shoes
  • One pair of versatile heels
  • Simple jewelry that will match multiple outfits
  • Small, crossbody bag


Some things I am absolutely begging you not to forget are:

A beach towel!! While hotels might offer towels, bringing a cute, HUGE beach towel will be so cute for pictures and ensuring that you don’t touch any sand while you’re getting your tan on.


Like, never EVER forget the wine opener! Once again, usually the hotel will provide you with one, but who wants to take that risk?

Headphones, and maybe a book?

For the beach of course.

Bring your school’s flag! 

Because why not rep your school pride on the beach, in the mountains, wherever you plan to go!


Seriously, when you’re starving from walking all day, or traveling all day, you’ll thank me later.

Bring your camera!

Yes, I know our phones have cameras on them that are just as amazing, but if you have access to do so, bring a real professional camera and your spring break pics will be top notch for SURE.

Welp, that’s all I got for now, and I will update as I go! What’s really important though, is that you have the absolute best time at your spring break spot, and truly live your best life because MIDTERMS ARE OVER BABY!



I still remember, to this day, the very moment I knew I wanted to apply at World of Beer.

I had just moved to Georgia a month before, and it was officially time for me to get a job; because, you know, apparently I can’t just be a stay at home #DogMom. *eyeroll*

So I put my hair in the highest pony, (this was like July in Georgia heat ok?) and my favorite, purple, floral romper and initially had plans to drive to Forever 21 to give them my last résumé. (Trust me, I printed out a TON!)

On my way, I called my sister and as we were talking I suddenly saw WOB.

How will Zach feel about me working in a bar?? I questioned.

With lots of encouragement from my sister, I parked and walked in.

Literally never having a serving job before, and only being 20 years old, I wasn’t sure how this would go…. needless to say I got the job on the spot!

I’ve been at World of Beer for about a year and a half now (I can’t even believe it’s been that LONG!), and you could DEFINITELY say that I understand the service industry a LOT of bit more than I used to!

No filter, raw feelings. I’m going to share what servers/bartenders see on the DAILY.

So hopefully, if you’ve never worked in the service industry before, this will help give you a little aspect on what it’s like!

Let’s start with the basics…

Servers are NOT your own personal servants!

We are HUMAN people! We encounter many people who think it’s funny to dangle how much they tip in our faces at the start of the service and thats just not cool people. I’m just here to do my job. Look at the menu, tell me what you want, I’ll get it to you, BOOM.

One of my coworkers one time had a woman who put a set-amount of dollars on the table and said “for every minute my beer is empty, that’s a dollar off your tip.”

Ok FIRST OF ALL! You’re not our only focus, we have other things to worry about, and that is SO dehumanizing! Don’t be this person.

This leads me to the people who like to try to get you to do things to “up” your tip… (Insert MAJOR eye-roll)

We are busy, most of the time you aren’t our only table, so by you saying that if I stay at the table and joke around with one of your friends, you’re going to up my tip, it’s a HARD no from me.

DON’T be the guy that picks up everyone in the bar’s tabs and then you don’t tip accordingly.

This is just an absolute NO people. If you offer to pick up the tab, you should expect to tip accordingly on your new total, because by you picking up everyone’s tabs, you just gave away the opportunity for us to get an actual tip off of the person who’s tab you paid for.


Now I 100% understand that you are not always going to receive great service everywhere you go, and everyone has their bad days for sure. 

But just please remember that when it comes to tipping, 20% is standard, leave 15% if you really didn’t enjoy your service. A suuuper easy way to figure out how to tip 20% is, say your bill is $20.00 ok? So you take the decimal point and move it one to the left like so $2.000 and then times that number to the left of the decimal point by two. So you would tip $4.00 on a $20.00 tab.


You never know what people are going through, or the day they’re having, and in the END, you STILL received a service.


I do not go to YOUR job and hold your waist as you work. Don’t hold mine while I take your order.

I personally have NO problem telling customers that they need to keep their hands off of me if they want to continue to be served. I’ve actually had men get upset with ME for telling them to keep their hands to themselves.

One guy one time when I asked him to stop touching me when he was ordering literally said to me “Everything I touch turns to gold, so I guess you want to be silver then.”

Excuse me… what?! LOL

Needless to say though they are always cut-off and told to leave shortly after.

Just don’t do it.

Making your server uncomfortable can also include insulting them, belittling them, and asking extremely personal questions. Like, just tell me what beer you want and we can move on.

Don’t patronize your servers tip because of something that was out of their control.

We are literally the messenger. If the kitchen messes something up with your order, or you just simply didn’t like the food, it was too hot/cold in the restaurant, it was too loud in the restaurant…. literally ALL things we have no control over.

One of my coworkers got a note on her receipt one time literally saying “Sorry about the tip but great service, bad fries.”


Why is that her fault that you didn’t like our fries? It’s not.

Please don’t interrupt us while we’re with another table.

Unless it is extremely urgent, the other table will legitimately tell US how rude you’re being. Just don’t do it.


Feel free to let us know when the service you’ve received was great, we LOVE hearing that! But please also remember that we are there to make money, not serve you for free.

It’s not my fault you didn’t bring your ID….

If you do not have your ID on you, legally no matter HOW old you are I CANNOT and will not serve you. Sorry!

Lets flip this convo…

Because there are also GREAT customers and wonderful things that you can do for us that we LOVE.

I absolutely LOVE my regulars.

If you come in often, sit with me often, and simply treat me like a human being, you can expect a great time.

Like honestly basically all that we ask is some basic human interaction PEOPLE!!!

We really don’t ask for much!

Just flip it around and think to yourself, “would this question be appropriate if someone asked ME this while I was in MY work environment?” And then you’ll basically know if you really need to ask your server sexual questions. (It happens!!)

So next time you go out, just remember please: we’re all human, if you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you, and TIP YOUR SERVERS PEOPLE!!





Spring is in the AIR ladies and gentlemen and let me tell you, Savannah is FEELING it!

With the change of seasons there has to be a change in menus, right? Because I definitely change what I drink based off of what season it is, don’t you?

So this weekend I had the luxury of strolling on down to the beautiful historical Savannah to take a visit into the always lovely Emporium Kitchen & Wine Market inside of the Perry Lane hotel.

Those of you who have followed along for a while now know how much I CANNOT recommend this place enough. Buuuut for those of you who are new here, hello HI! Thanks for stopping by! Let me tell you the service, hospitality, and all about everything about this restaurant is to die for. 

I have never received the service and hospitality that they give at this restaurant seriously anywhere. So unbelievably kind, and every single drink or dish I’ve tried has been nothing but top-tier delicious.

WITH THAT being said!! Lets get into this delicious new drink menu that they have just come out with!

These drinks about to be listed first are all espresso free!

Ok so think about it. It’s Sunday morning and you’ve just spent the entire night out on River Street and you’re ready to start your week with a fresh #HealthIsWealth start. You know, that kind of mood.

Emporium has a Chocolate Mint Charcoal Latte!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you SCREAMING?!

It is made with your choice of milk, activated charcoal powder and chocolate mint. HOW UH-MAZING does that sound? It tastes even better. The mint is refreshing and wakes you up with the perfect amount of chocolate flavor. The health benefits of charcoal are amazing. It is a detoxifier, so it not only whitens your teeth while you drink it (hello, yes PLEASE!) But it can also help with acne which is an amazing quality. (And NO it does not make your teeth black! LOL)

Up next we have the delicious Golden Milk Tea.

This drink is made with coconut milk, ground turmeric, ginger, cayenne, cinnamon, black pepper, coconut oil, and honey.

Can you say WOW??

This drink is soo different but sooo yummy! It has a bit of a kick to it, but anyone who has had Golden Milk before knows the spicy-ness is all just the yummy goodness of spicing up your health life. I loved this one.

Finishing off our non-espresso drinks is the Matcha Latte.

Who doesn’t love a good, earthy tasting matcha latte???

I feel like drinking things that are green just make me feel instantly healthier?? Don’t you agree? LOL

Matcha is packed with antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism. This latte is also super relaxing and great for anytime of the day.


Boozy coffee???? Um, yes please!!!

It’s like these “lattes” were basically made for me. Relatable, right?

So first up was the Right Be “Cider.”

This. is. SO. Good. omg

It has turmeric and cider and it’s warm and sooo yummy and there is a foam on top that just brings it ALL together that is just WOW. Seriously.

Up next was the Cello in E# 

This was such a sophisticated drink. Like if you drink Manhattans or Old Fashioned’s this drink is for you. This drink was a mix of espresso, Limoncello (um, yum), and orange bitters. A very, make you want to sit with a good book while relaxing in the sunlight kinda drink.

Then we have the Hoo Doo Brew?

This drink is made with local Perc cold brew coffee and then they put in Broughton and Whitaker’s HONEY. WHISKEY! *Insert Angels coming down from heaven music*

Are you drooling yet? Ok, good, because there’s ONE MORE!

Finally, we tried the Mrs. Violet Beauregarde.

This deliciousness has a mix of matcha and lavender….. YES PLEASE.

Did I forget to mention that you can literally eat the little flower garnish that they put on your latte. Wow.

Soooo basically what I’m trying to say is GO TRY THESE DRINKS!

Seriously I am mind blown at the craft that these drinks take to prepare, and the delicious outcome they all have.

Don’t forget that Savannah is open container as well 😉 so if you don’t finish your drink while you’re sitting in their new little lounge area, you can take it to-go!

If you go, tag my insta handle (@lipsticknlattesblog) in your pic so I can share it with everyone on my page!

Hope you enjoy, and can’t wait to see your pics!




Omg hey guys! DID YOU MISS MEEE??

Because I really missed YOU.

Writing, to me, should be something that you enjoy doing; and if you don’t, why force it? Ya know?

So, after last semester kicked my ass, here I am! Back and better than ever.

Todays blog is going to be kind of detailed… like… really detailed. I’ve been getting SO many questions asking about what I’m doing workout-wise, and I really want just a space where you guys can come and look over everything I’m doing. Especially because I’ve changed things up recently, and my body has really been thanking me.

Before I start, I want to start like always when I write a workout, or nutrition post, by saying that,

I am in NO WAY CERTIFIED OR EDUCATED TO GIVE YOU GUYS PROFESSIONAL ADVICE! This is simply what I do for MYSELF and what feels good for MY body, and I’m sharing this with you so that maybe you can either get inspired, or talk to an actual professional about your own personal goals.

With that being said, I WILL say that I did work for a professional fitness company for about 5 years, where I talked with professional personal trainers, nutritionists, and people who participate in competitions, so you could say I picked up a few tips and tricks of the trade ya feel me?

SO… let’s get started.

Lately, my complete go-to workouts are an online streaming service called P. Volve. P.Volve is a low impact, pilates style workout that will seriously give you a burn. It’s all about lengthening and toning up your body. These workouts incorporate booty building exercises, with arm toning moves, while also giving you abs without even realizing it. This workout is full body, and ranges from half an hour workouts, to full hour workouts depending on how much time you have!

You really don’t have to use equipment to do these workouts, necessarily, however I did invest in the P. Ball and the P. Band. They ALSO have a great sale for college students making their streaming only $20 a month, which is perfect for someone like me who paid that much for Planet Fitness AND the SWEAT app separately, so that is insane to me.


I’ve been stretching… a LOT. Stretching out your muscles seriously just makes them POP I feel. I’ve seriously never noticed my muscles, and felt as great as I do since I started stretching more. STRETCH. IT. OUT. LADIES.

If I’m being real here… I haven’t done cardio in a while.

Cardio used to be, like, my daily hustle, and now I do it maybe once a week?

I love a good stairmaster sesh, bike sesh, or even some squat jumps (I like to keep the squat jumps at a minimum though, keep the impact LOW ladies!!)

If Zach and I have a time together where we can hit the gym on his army base then I love to do some good ole’ WEIGHTS!

I explain my routines in this past blog post here. That post will essentially explain my warm-up, how many pounds I lift, and I like to kind of go with as many reps as my body is feeling that day, never less than 6, never more than 12.

I also have my entire #FitChick booty building guide here.

That guide is seriously what built me into the body shape I am today, and is exactly what I did and still do, to get to the place I am today!

I ALSO have an entire Pinterest board FILLED with detailed workouts literally showing the moves of the exact workouts I talk about in my linked blog posts above, so that way you have a visual of what I’m actually talking about! You can find that by clicking here!

I seriously will ONLY share the workouts I actually AM DOING on that Pinterest board, so you know that’s what I’m truly doing and not just workouts I want to “save for later.” Ya girl is DOING them!

As much as working out is suuuper important, one of the biggest things that I must reiterate is that abs are made in the KITCHEN. LADIES!!!

If you clean up your diet you will truly see results. I honestly can say that I do LESS cardio, and workout LESS days of the week than I used to, and I am currently loving my results.

A typical breakfast for me looks like:

  • Oatmeal, I LOVE the flavor packets even though I know they aren’t the healthiest for you, oh whale!  I also love to just make plain oatmeal with almond milk and berries and some nut butter and heat it all up in the microwave. So delish.
  • I love some non-dairy yogurt. Silk is my favorite brand and I switch it up between the soy milk and almond milk yogurts. I love the vanilla flavor, which is usually what I stick with but I also love the chocolate, strawberry, and peach flavors. Then I will usually mix in some chia seeds, flax seeds, granola, honey, sometimes nut butter if I’m feeling it, add some cinnamon and it is TO DIE!
  • I’m a big cereal fan if I have the time to sit and eat cereal in the morning, Cinnamon Life is my go-to.
  • I love bagels! and English Muffins if I know I want to be fuller longer. I’m a big fan of adding either a flavored cream cheese, or a jam.

A typical lunch for me looks like…

  • I love a good salsa and chicken from the crock pot duo. SO good.
  • I love salads! I will literally take a heart of roman and drizzle some Olive Garden dressing on top and call it a day. If I’m feeling it I will add some hard boiled eggs and avocado. That’s all I need. This lunch isn’t the most filling but it is a good filler if I’m starving making something else so that I can not be so hungry and munch on things that aren’t so good for me LOL
  • A tortilla with hummus, hard boiled eggs, avocados, Siracha, and lettuce is UH-MAZE.
  • Hard boiled eggs, avocado, and a sweet potato. WOW.


Dinners are a WHOLE different ball game…

Zach and I love to just throw a ton of things into the crock pot and call it a day, so that being said…

  • Pulled pork in the crock pot
  • BIG fan of a good steak and veggies (we usually do zucchini or asparagus)
  • Pot roast with TONS of veggies
  • Cauliflower fried rice is a BIG one in our home
  • Cauliflower buffalo tacos
  •  Pasta, sausage, broccoli, Alfredo sauce, and LOTS of garlic
  • We do avocado toast for dinner A LOT! Because it is so fucking good duh.
  • Sausage, potatoes, peppers and onion in the oven
  • Turkey sausage and zucchini
  • We like to take tuna and fry it up in a pan and put it on a tortilla and add some pickled peppers and veggies and it is YES!
  • Salmon with a soy/brown sugar glaze over the grill

These are all just off of the top of my head, things that I love for my meals throughout the day!

Snacks can include…

  • Trail mix
  • rice cakes with nut butter
  • Peaches
  • Bananas
  • Smoothies
  • Protein shakes
  • Whole grain crackers
  • Tuna packets

Also, like I said, this isn’t strictly what I eat, these are just all things that off of the top of my head I typically have throughout the week!

If you have ANY questions, always feel free to email me at or DM me on Instagram at lipsticknlattesblog

I LOVE helping you guys get to your best self, so that is truly what will always matter to me ❤

Much MUCH love.

Everything You Need To Know About Kristen by Zach Konstanzer

Hey guys, so before I let Zach take over the blog I wanted to just say that if you’re a fellow blogger too, I HIGHLY recommend that you completely give full access to your significant other and just let them go crazy; it’s the cutest thing ever.

When I first read what Zach wrote for the blog you best believe I had full tears down my face! So cute! So, I guess I should let him take the wheel… here’s Zach Konstanzer taking over Lipstick n Lattes!

Everything you need to know about Kristen

By Zach Konstanzer

Nothing sparkles as much as Kristen, both inside and out. Unfortunately that sparkle is everlasting in our house, as I still find glitter from a present she gave me over a year ago. Glitter is no longer allowed in our house.

Everyday that I come home, she jumps into my arms. Every. Single. Day. It’s all I look forward to on my ride home from work.

Makeup. Everywhere. I’ve seen her wake up at the ass crack of dawn to put makeup on. She’s dedicated, but her vanity looks like a grenade went through it.

She can cook. The first meal she ever made me was a huge flop. She recovered quickly. We mix it up and while I do most of the cooking, she experiments in the kitchen, and it’s always good.

She’s a proud dog mom. She takes care of our fur baby and somehow gets her voice even higher pitched to talk to the dog.

Positivity. Everything will work it’s way out in the end, no matter how bad a situation is, she can put a positive spin on it. It’s my second favorite quality she has.

She gets excited about the smallest things, and I love it. I will buy her flowers randomly and it’s as if she walked outside to a new Mercedes.

She gets after it. From going to school full time, managing her blog, taking care of our puppy, and working damn near 40 hours every week, she rarely ever has a day off. She’s great at balancing life.

She’s a full-blown coffee addict. I’m afraid to see what would happen if she didn’t have it for a day. I keep an emergency supply of K-Cups.

She doesn’t complain. Relationships can be so great when you don’t sweat the small stuff; and she always does a great job of that.

She’s hot for a reason. I’ll be the first one to tell you, my girlfriend is an absolute smokeshow, but she works at it everyday. Together we manage to eat extremely clean (during the week), and she somehow finds time to workout on a very regular basis. I give her mad props for that.

She’s adaptable. if things don’t go to plan, she doesn’t freak out.

She’s a crier…but not an ugly one. She’s human and things do get to her sometimes, causing her to shed a few drops. It never lasts long, but ice cream usually gets her bouncing around again.

Bubbly. Her personality is well known throughout work to raise moral. Her nickname at one point was literally “Bubbles.”

She’s happy. Don’t get me wrong, I do everything I can to keep her happy, but she is genuinely the happiest person I know. Life is fun with her.

Love. It’s what Kristen does best, and my favorite thing about her. She has more love than anyone I have ever met, and she spreads it in everything she does.



It’s no secret that I live a military lifestyle. Even though I am not the one who wakes up for PT, and gets suited up in a camouflage everyday, military life effects everyone living in a military home. I wouldn’t change our lives together for the world, and I love every single minute with my military man. Today I wanted to share some specifics with you, because why not get specific?

You know?

I wanted to share some things about military life that I have personally experienced throughout my time in Savannah, GA where Zach is stationed. Many things, a lot of people don’t realize, and others are just some typical basics you might, or might not already know.

You can make plans, but they, sometimes, cannot…


A year ago, I remember asking Zach if we could plan to go to Lollapalooza in Chicago when the time rolled around. I clearly remember him saying, “You can buy your ticket, but I have no idea if I will be able to or not.”

Literally anything could happen. They could change his job, deny his request to leave, or even send him away and that’s that. You belong to you, and they belong to the United States of America, and sometimes, America needs your man before you do. That’s just how it is.

There are great benefits…


A lot of people are already informed of the fact that being in the military comes along with a lot of benefits for the active duty member, and his or her family. Small things like tax free groceries and gas on their military base. Also other big things like making it easy for military personnel to buy a home. Many places that you go to daily, such as restaurants and clothing stores, offer a military discount for those in service as well. Being just a girlfriend can mean so many different things than being a wife. You won’t get any information given to you if they deploy, you don’t get ANY of their life benefits, (insurance, you won’t get your own military card to get on base, etc.). However, that doesn’t mean you won’t get ANY information! When you get to know their friends who work with them, and their leaders, they will keep you updated on what they can for you, no doubt. Because Zach is an officer, we are able to live off of base without being married, but again, totally different for everyone!

I mean, seeing your significant other dressed up daily in uniform is a GREAT benefit too ;).

There can be a lot of moving around…


I’ve only personally had to make one move for our military life, and that was my initial move down south to be with Zach in Savannah. However, new orders come and it’s time to pack up and move to the next military town, and that’s just life! Sadly, many families make different moves year, after year, but I think that a positive outlook on that life is to think about all of the different cities you would never be able to see with a different job. I’ve been so lucky to have been able to meet many different military wives through blogging who have been SO helpful in my move down here. They just get it, and sometimes that’s all you need.

You meet a LOT of people…


Per my last paragraph, you will meet a LOT of people! I found it extremely easy to find friends by getting a job at a bar, and my blog by just using some simple hashtags for the city of Savannah. Zach has friends ALL over the United States, and even some stationed overseas. Everyone is on a different timeline in the military depending on how long they are signed for, so we have seen a lot of friends go. As saddening as that is, I like to look at it as we will always have places to visit, and somewhere to stay when we do! LOL (thanks in advance friends!!)

It can get hard…


Getting called into the field, a 9 month deployment, long days, early mornings, always on the clock, but loving them is SOO easy! Zach makes loving him the EASIEST thing in the world. When he comes home from work, everyday I run and jump into his arms and let him know how much I love and appreciate everything that he does everyday for not just me, but our country. When Zach was deployed, we were lucky enough to have WiFi, so we could FaceTime daily, and that was something I ALWAYS made time for. Sometimes that was the only communication we had all day, so 10 minutes to say goodnight was necessary.



No matter if you’re a wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend, I’ve truly found that being supportive of their career decisions are one of the BEST things that you can do. In my case, going INTO a relationship where Zach was already military, you have to be. I knew that this was what Zach wanted, and adding me into the equation could only make things harder. This is what he wants to do and you have to understand and be the best support system you can possibly be. I’m NOT telling you to have no say in anything, or ever put in input, but I am saying that sometimes their choices can mean they want to deploy, or sign on for more years, or even want to get out of the military. Sometimes, their decisions are hard, but you have to allow them to do what they love, and if they’re in the military, they obviously love their country and will do anything for it.

Zach is currently working towards getting out of the military, and I couldn’t be more proud of everything he has accomplished in his career already! He still has a lot of time left, so we’re not into full civilian life yet, but the gradual working towards that can actually be extremely scary. Zach is so brave for everything his does everyday, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of our future has to hold.