I have waited for this day my entire life if I’m being honest with you. Being a bartender and constantly giving the drinks, this girl cannot wait to be the one getting the drinks, and exploring all of the amazing bars out here in Savannah.

Right now I am home in Chicago, getting ready for a weekend at Hangout Fest in the Gulf Shores of Alabama with one of my best friends from High School. After tips, and tricks from everyone, hearing people at the bar talk, and friends experiences, I wanted to put together a little 21’st birthday survival kit for the Basic White Girl. (Or anyone reading this!)

First things first…


Staying hydrated is not only my favorite skin care tip, but also my favorite hangover tip! If you make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking water in between drinks, you will be fine. Keeping that healthy balance between drinks, and water will keep you in the golden zone. Lately my favorite water has been Alkalife Ten Alkaline Spring water that has a perfect pH balance of 10.

The bottles are small enough to carry with you in any size bag for the night so you can always have water on hand with you.


This is a trick that I am not sure many know, however if you take a Vitamin B12 before your big night out for the first time, you will feel great the next day. When you drink, the alcohol depletes the body of vitamins, especially vitamin B12. The depletion of these vitamins is what causes the fatigue, aches, and extreme tired feelings that come with a hangover, so when you be proactive and take the time to replenish them into your body beforehand, your body won’t have a deficiency of these vitamins.

I have also heard that Honey has natural vitamin B12 in it, therefore taking a shot of honey before you leave for the night can also help cure a hangover the next day.


Eat greasy, and carb filled foods to line your stomach and ensure that the alcohol has something to soak up before completely entering your bloodstream without anything else in your system. This will also help you not get so drunk, so quickly! The slower you drink, the less of the hangover.


The next day, or even the night you get back, MOISTURIZE THE SKIN! The alcohol will be extremely dehydrating to the skin, (why you should be drinking water in between drinks!) so when you get home it is essential to do a super vitamin rich, hydrating mask on clean skin. I recommend the Jet Lag mask by Summer Fridays, and some Sheet Masks. These are both quick, mess free masks that will replenish the skin of the nutrients that were lost.

(Because no one wants ugly skin in all of their birthday insta pics, amirite ladies?)


The next day you will also want to make sure that you take in all of the nutrients that you can get, so it is important to start your day with a vitamin packed smoothie, and tons of fruits and veggies to get your metabolism back on track and bring back in those missing vitamins that were drank away the night before. (No harm, no foul)


Ok yes, I mean wear them, you kind of have to if you want to get into bars… however, what I MEAN is that you want to

A) Be sure to wear comfy shoes that you’re not going to drunkenly break an ankle in, and that you can do a lot of standing in just in case the bars are packed full!

B) Wear something that isn’t going to show your private areas if you’re bending over puking your brains out. (Sorry not sorry)


These nights can get pretty long when you’re new to the bar scene and can literally go all night long… so therefore you’re going to want to keep some refreshing spray in your bag to pump up the makeup and hair again. My fave is the Mario Badescu facial spray with Aloe to keep your skin looking glowing and not dull from all of the vegas bombs…

There is also no shame if your deodorant stops doing its job and you need to break out the freshening wipes. My current faves are the Pacifica Underarm Deodorant wipes.


Ok, so say for whatever reason you still seem to have that nasty hangover when your night is all said and done, Pedialite is not just for infants you know… and if that’s not so much your thing, then coconut water is a great, natural way to get some of those electrolytes back into your system.

Seriously though, all in all, in the end just make sure that you have the BEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE! You’re only 21 once, so PARTY IT UP GIRLFRIEND!

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I am all about the all natural, and wellness products of this world, so when Freegrance contacted me I was immediately intrigued.

Freegrance is an organization that helps women who are vulnerable to human trafficking start businesses and raise money through Freegrance products. Their slogan is literally, “quality products that empower women,” that is something that I can definitely stand behind. A whopping 40% of all sales from this company goes towards helping these women in need of shelter, food, and jobs! When I found out how high of a number of total profits is used to help these women, I was all in.

I was sent an all natural soap bar that is just so pretty in color, and smells absolutely amazing. The ingredients found in the soap include:

Ingredients: palm oil, palm kernel oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium hydroxide (lye), cocamidopropyl betaine, sucrose (table sugar), aqua, sodium chloride (table salt), essential oil and natural pigment (from the Freegrance website)

I also received three assorted bracelets that I am absolutely in love with! When you choose to buy the bracelets, you will receive three bracelets that are handmade and hand picked just for you!

With Mother’s Day being just around the corner, you can find so many amazing Mother’s Day gift ideas, like the Mother’s Day gift basket, and you can also sort through TONS of beautiful earrings! You’re bound to find a perfect match for any mother out there!


Honestly, who doesn’t love a good natural glow?

Lately my recent skin care obsessions have been all about the hydration, and the major glow factor. I want my skin to look plumped up, and glowy af, you feel me?

Lately, every Tuesday I love to listen to the Him & Her by The Skinny Confidential podcast, where they feature new people every week. A few weeks ago, they introduced to me Glow Recipe. Glow Recipe is a Korean based beauty line that is all about the hydration and glow! (perfect, I know)

So they have tis amazing Watermelon Pink Juice Moisturizer that has seriously not left my skin since it showed up at my door. This moisturizer is perfect for oily to combination skin, which is exactly what I have. It is not like any moisturizer I have ever tried, honestly. It is almost a liquid, and goes on smooth and takes a second to melt into the skin. I will say that my fingers always feel a little weird after applying, however I just wash them off! Your skin will have an instant glow after applying, and it looks so natural!

This moisturizer is filled with vitamins, amino acids, watermelon extracts, hyaluronic acid, peony, and jasmine extracts! Your skin is begging you for this moisturizer! I like to use it in the morning before my makeup on top of my Vivier Sun Screen, and at night time on top of my eye cream, but underneath either of the masks I’m about to tell you about.

Sephora has a little twin pack that also comes with the Watermelon Glow sleeping mask,and let me tell you, I have been absolutely obsessed with sleeping masks because it allows all of the work to be done while you sleep! You can wake up with amazing skin, and honestly who doesn’t want that?

So this Watermelon Glow Sleeping mask is more of a jelly type substance that looks super glowy when you first apply, and then slowly sinks into the skin.  You will seriously wake up with the most glowing skin of your life. It will look so plump and glowing you won’t even want to put makeup on.

Another overnight mask that I have been absolutely in LOVE with is the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. I seriously can not get enough of this mask. I’ve talked about this on my Instagram and my Insta stories before, but I seriously cannot preach this mask enough. This is the absolute hydration holy grail for your skin. I put this mask on CONSTANTLY. I wear it to sleep on top of my Pink Juice moisturizer, and even in the morning under my makeup. I cannot wait to have this with me on all of my plane rides this summer, because we all know my skin will need it!

My final skin care tip that you all know and love is WATER, WATER, AND MORE WATER! I seriously cannot preach this enough. When you first wake up in the morning, drink an entire glass of room temp water, and keep it going throughout the day. You will see an insane change in your skin if you keep up with staying hydrated inside of the body. You can use all of the products in the world, but if you don’t take care of whats on the inside, you will have a hard time making a long term change in your skin.


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SheIn is one of the top websites that makes everyone believe it’s too good to be true; when in reality, if you’re willing to wait 3-4 weeks for shipping, it’s everything you imagined!

This top is only $8!!!!!!

Did you hear me I said $8!!!!!!

That’s literally insane and I couldn’t ask for more. I will say that It does run small so I do recommend sizing up! I’m wearing a size small and I wanted this to be a bigger/baggier type shirt, and the sleeves are short on me and It would be a crop top if I lifted both arms! This girl is NOT complaining though, I’m loving every piece of my order!

More try ons from my order to come!

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So, in just one more month, I will be coming up on my official ONE YEAR of living in Savannah! If you’ve followed along my journey of moving from my home in Chicago, to Savannah to live with my military man, then you know that the move was not always a piece of cake!

I am SO happy to say that I finally feel like I have found my place here, made an amazing group of friends, and have my life back on track. When I first made the move, I remember thinking “How is Savannah considered a city?”

There are no tall buildings, or taxis driving around everywhere, and you can DRINK in the streets?!

I remember thinking how small Savannah seemed compared to the big city of Chicago I came from. I can officially bite my tongue, and wish I could take back those words now, because after a year here there is still SO SO much that I have yet to explore!

Savannah is filled with beautiful, hidden gems that truly give the city its glamour, and even living here I have yet to see things I have still wanted to try out!

Going back to my amazing group of gal pals I have discovered out here, one of these boss babes has the KEY to helping YOU experience Savannah in a way that you never would be able to by booking a trip yourself.

Fête Savannah is a booking service that will completely plan you a bachelorette, birthday, just because, ect. trip that will book ALL of your troubles away!

When you visit a new city it is always so difficult planning where to eat! Which place has the best local food? What is a good rooftop bar? All of these things will be completely taken out of your hands, and into Fête Savannah’s! She will book your reservations for you, and all around your day!

 (You will also receive exclusive drink menus at special bars! Um, YES PLEASE!) 

It doesn’t matter on the size of your group either, whether its just you, or a whole party, Fête has the hook up on all the great places directly in the heart of Savannah! (At a discounted rate when you go through Fête Savannah too!!)

Don’t know what you would want to do while in town? Once you contact Fête you will receive a list of different things you and your group can all do, also at a discounted rate just for going through Fête Savannah! 

Basically, Fête Savannah will do all of the dirty work that goes into planning a trip for you, you just have to enjoy your stay! 

Savannah is so full of beautiful, small businesses and Fête gets that, so all of the shopping she plans for you will all be local businesses with special discounts just for you supporting local!

Booking is SO easy, just head over to and get in contact to come visit Savannah today! 


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