Aaaah! Back to school!!! Everyone’s FAVORITE time of the year! Ok, maybe not everyone’s, and I can’t really blame those people LOL! Another semester simply means another semester closer to finishing towards whatever goal you’re working towards, and that IS something that everyone can be excited for.

With the start of a new semester coming up, I will say that I am notorious for getting extremely stressed out. Back to homework, commuting (in my case), keeping up with grades, meeting deadlines, paying for tuition…. the list can seriously go ON!

I am going to make a neat, and tidy list for you (and myself!!) to follow to ensure a nice, smooth start of the school year that will last all semester so you can stay organized and not miss a single part of your semester.

Get a planner!!

Once you have a planner, go through and write down ALL important dates of the semester. Test days, project due dates, YES even final dates! Be sure to also write down each class in a different colored pen so that way you can stay on top of which class is which! (This can be helpful when you take a full time schedule like me!)

When you get put in groups for projects in different classes, be sure to write down the names and phone numbers of your group mates as well, so you can always reference back and contact them if you lose their information.

Buy ALL of your books AFTER the first day of class.

I cannot stress enough how many classes have given a suggested book in the syllabus, and then the teacher says on the first day that we will not be using it. So save your money for a few more days, and wait to order them. Sometimes you can find them cheaper online with websites like and

You sometimes can also find out if you reeeally need that access code on a new book or not, which can also save you lots of money!!


There are SO many things that can be hidden in a syllabus!! Sometimes you can find how to make extra points in the class, or how many second chances the professor will give on a late assignment (guilty!!). Reading the syllabus will also be your key to every date you need to write down in your planner! The syllabus will be your best friend throughout the entire semester, so don’t lose it, although most professors will keep the syllabus online just in case you do.


Make sure that you get either a folder, or a binder for each and every class. This will help break up each class so nothing gets mixed up in each other. When papers are thrown in a bag, or all put in one folder it can easily make your mind do backflips and feel overwhelmed. We do NOT want this! Stay organized, and neat with your work so that you won’t feel as stressed out!

Keep everything from the beginning of the semester in these folders/binders up until the end of the semester so you can use them to study off of when finals come up! With so much information constantly thrown at you, it can be really difficult to try to remember what we learned when the end of the semester comes up!

Meal prep!

I know this sounds weird, but when you have super long class days, bring snacks and food for throughout the day. You will keep your mind focused on school instead of being hungry! It will also help you stay healthy, and save money by not constantly buying fast food on campus.

I love to look up quick, healthy meals on Pinterest when school time comes around. I also have a 45 minute commute to my campus both ways every day, so it’s nice to have something to snack on while I drive! LOL

Get your finances in check

Whether you use student loans, financial aid, your parents/family pays for you, or you pay for school out of pocket yourself, get it done EARLY. When classes roll around, you don’t want the stress of wondering how you’re going to pay for classes on top of everything else. Get everything squared away to begin with so that you can start out the year without finance stress.

Set GOALS for the semester

Whether it’s your goal to study more, go out less, read more chapters in your text books, WHATEVER! Write them down, in your planner, in your car, on a mirror you look in every day, whatever it is, make sure you SEE it daily so it will constantly remind you what you want to accomplish this semester.


Teacher/Student etiquette is something that not many college students pay attention to. Little things like actually paying attention in class, looking alert. Responding to class discussions. Properly addressing your professor with their proper title in an email, (usually found in the SYLLABUS!!).  Also, starting emails by addressing them, and don’t forget to sign off and use your student ID number! Dressing nice for class is another form of etiquette not many follow. Yes, I totally understand when you have an 8 AM class and you worked the night before, however, you never know what connections your professor can set you up with if they feel you’d be a good candidate. Don’t use your phone in the middle of a lecture, and if you chose to eat a snack, make sure it doesn’t bother those around you, (ex. super crunchy chips, constant bag crumbling, and just overall messy food items).

All in all, your semester will go great, and time WILL go on day by day and you WILL get that degree! Don’t let the little things discourage you from being your best self in the classroom everyday. Pretty soon it will be the next break, and the next semester, and on until you are walking that stage, getting handed that hard, earned diploma.

Happy School Year!