Supporting Others

Happy Friday!

Currently listening to Niall’s new song “This Town,” (So good), and I FINALLY bought a pumpkin spice candle, (So fall).

Reflecting on the week, it has been a good week. Some changes, but change can be good when you look at it in a positive perspective.

As a Beachbody coach, it is important to me that I am working on bettering myself just as much as I help others better themselves too. Personal development is something new to me that has really helped me look at situations in a different viewpoint.

One of the recent things I’ve learned is how important the little things are. For example, how much a little positive thought every morning can set an intention for your entire day. Things like that.

My amazing coach gave me this book, “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy as a gift, and I really feel everyone who wants to learn how to make small changes in their every day lives can easily do this by reading this book. Baby steps. Eventually, these baby steps turn into bigger changes, but you have to start out small in order to get there.


I’m super into it. Highly recommended.

So, not only do you become more successful by learning these steps, but you also learn how to better others. (Hence why it is so important as a coach to do personal development.)

Recently a lot of people in my life are beginning to find what they are good at. Starting small businesses, finding their career paths, or studying the perfect major. All are important milestones in life. Supporting other’s decisions is so important to me if you see passion in the person.

Like, yes girl you learn how to become the best sales rep you can be, and you go on that decision to change your major even though it is scary.

Do things in life that scare you. I think we all need to do more of that.

Do more of supporting those in your life.