Breakfast and Beauty

So I absolutely have to know….

Who else puts their oatmeal straight into the jar of the last bit of almond butter??

I know I am MAJORLY guilty of this!!!


Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I am almond butter OBSESSED so to me this is a win/win situation.

Recently, I’ve decided that with winter basically here, and the holidays immediately around the corner, I’ve needed to take some immense care of my skin.

The cold weather makes it dry, and dull. To keep it moisturized and bright I have been investing in some great face masks and body scrubs at least once a week to stay on my good skin grind, ya know?


Lush is my absolute FAVE for all natural face masks, because not only is it great that you can trust their ingredients, but they work!!


This coffee scrub that I use is another quick trick for tightening, toning, and brightening  my skin in the winter time. I mix together equal parts coffee grounds, brown sugar, and olive oil.

*Trick* I’ll leave it on my skin for a few minutes for the oil to set and the caffeine in the coffee to kick in and tighten my skin.


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