Construction at Whole Foods?

If you’re like me, you have happy places.

Like say you’re having just a blah day and need something to brighten your vibes, or you know, you’re having a good day and just want to make it even better.

My happy place: Whole Foods.

I know, kind of typical but who cares. What makes you happy makes you happy amirite ladies?

This past week my favorite Whole Foods built a new smoothie bar, so of course ya girl had to try this out. Straight after my workout, and phone only on 1% battery (which NEVER happens but I had been running errands all morning and I was low on battery. Whatever) So after my quick workout I zoomed over to WF to try out this madness. When I get there the nice cashier asks me how she can help me, and then directs me towards a tablet facing me.

****You order your drink on this tablet****

Why is this so cool to me?? I don’t know either.

My end result was this beauty the cashier recommended since I had just worked out. IMG_0789.jpg

And it was REAL GOOD!!

So basically my motive here is, if you’re having a bad day, crazy week, or just need a boost, visit your happy place; you may never know what you’ll find.


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