Himalayan Salt Lamp Obsessions


Every year for Christmas, I feel like there is always one gift that stands out to you just a little bit more than the other ones. This year my wrapped obsession is with my one and only:

Himalayan Salt lamp!!! 

As a high, and true believer in anything and everything that offers amazing benefits to your health and mind, the himalayan salt lamp had attracted me from the start.

The benefits are UNREAL!! Like, can we just.

Lets go over some of the benefits that I read about prior to opening this heaven sent lamp.

  1. Better sleep
  2. Detoxify the body
  3. Clearer skin
  4. Healthier hair & nails
  5. Migrane relief

Are you hooked yet or must I go on?? (I’m still going to)

  1. Cleaner indoor air
  2. Improved mood
  3. Reduced allergies

I CAN’T!!! 

And I mean how cute is the color?? Pink accents any room.

SO, if you are interested in picking up one of these heaven sent, salt lamps, there is one quick thing that you should know. Make sure that your lamp is not a FAKE! Fake lamps are extremely easy to come across, and how disappointing would it be to not be able to experience any of the amazing benefits I listed above?!


  • It was super cheap

Meaning you paid like $15 for it, there is a high chance that it is not a real Himalayan Salt lamp.

  • It’s not pink

Don’t let this misguide you, there are Himalayan Salt lamps that do come in different colors, however, the natural color of the lamp is pink and typically the super cheap, super fake, Himalayan lamps can come as a white color. Most likely in this case this means that the lamp is simply made out of a cheaper salt. Not Pink Himalayan Salt.

  • You don’t notice any benefits!

This one is obvious! If you’re not noticing a change in your sleep, mood, skin, or overall health, your lamp is probably a fake. Within my second night of sleep with my lamp, I noticed deeper sleep, I woke up refreshed, and longer sleep.


So, are you as hooked as me??