Athleisure LifeĀ 

If you haven’t heard of the term “Athleisure” it’s time to crawl out from the rock you’ve been living under. 

Altheisure is up there on the list of things that have just made my life so amazing. Altheisure is basically wearing workout clothes but as an outfit. 

And according to Forbes the “trend is here to stay.” 

I’m definitely with them on that one. One of my favorite parts about athleisure, is that you can add in just a few, quick, staple peices that make an outfit even more like a normal outfit. 

Here I chose to add my leather jacket, and my necklace just to add a quick little touch. 

My jacket is sold out from Topshop

If you haven’t already, I highly suggest you go try it. Who doesn’t want to wear cute workout clothes while trying to make it look like it is an outfit?! 



Giving up CHOCOLATE?!

WHAAT?! Who is she?! Why?!

Ok, this Lent season I have decided that the best decision for me is to give up chocolate. With some exceptions…

I am NOT giving up my chocolate Shakeology, because why would I give up the healthiest meal I can put in my body?

With that being said, my plan is, if I use lent as an excuse to give up something negative for my body, hopefully I can really start to kickstart my summer bod preparation into full gear.

Get it girl.

Think about all of the things with chocolate in them ***HINT: it’s a lot*** so cutting all of that out will leave a lot more room for healthy, nourishing options for my body instead.

What are YOU doing for your self that enhances your soul?

Even if you don’t partake in lent, I encourage everyone to do something that betters themselves in someway. That doesn’t always mean giving up something, sometimes that means adding something into your life.

What are you lacking?

I am currently fighting a cold, and recently started classes that have caused a major setback in my fitness life. It’s time to get serious. Time for a cleanse, and time to find myself again.

I am putting this out there so I am held ACCOUNTABLE for what I do, and to keep myself motivated to keep going, drink my Shakeology, read my personal development, and live to my fullest potential every. single. day.