Giving up CHOCOLATE?!

WHAAT?! Who is she?! Why?!

Ok, this Lent season I have decided that the best decision for me is to give up chocolate. With some exceptions…

I am NOT giving up my chocolate Shakeology, because why would I give up the healthiest meal I can put in my body?

With that being said, my plan is, if I use lent as an excuse to give up something negative for my body, hopefully I can really start to kickstart my summer bod preparation into full gear.

Get it girl.

Think about all of the things with chocolate in them ***HINT: it’s a lot*** so cutting all of that out will leave a lot more room for healthy, nourishing options for my body instead.

What are YOU doing for your self that enhances your soul?

Even if you don’t partake in lent, I encourage everyone to do something that betters themselves in someway. That doesn’t always mean giving up something, sometimes that means adding something into your life.

What are you lacking?

I am currently fighting a cold, and recently started classes that have caused a major setback in my fitness life. It’s time to get serious. Time for a cleanse, and time to find myself again.

I am putting this out there so I am held ACCOUNTABLE for what I do, and to keep myself motivated to keep going, drink my Shakeology, read my personal development, and live to my fullest potential every. single. day.


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