Liberty, and Justice for Dogs

So much has changed since my last post and this time I am writing this as my (new) puppy runs around in circles.

Yes, that is right, I GOT A PUPPY!!

I wouldn’t have this adorable baby today if it weren’t for my amazing boyfriend who is currently overseas. This puppy is just not any puppy, she comes with a big story. Her name is Liberty. Liberty came a long way to get to the couch she gets to lay on today. Liberty was found covered in sand, somewhere in the country of Kuwait. Lib was only just a few weeks old when her and her siblings were found, and she was the only puppy who was all white.


Each puppy had their own personalities, but something about Lib just called my boyfriend to her.

After a few months of bringing them food, and visiting them to play, my boyfriend was able to find a shelter in Kuwait that would help him achieve his dream of sending home this Kuwaiti pup.

Lib spent only about a month in the shelter, who took the most AMAZING care of our sweet pup. They ensured that she was vaccinated, clean, and healthy enough to be sent home, all the way to the U.S.

It was a long flight, and she even had to make a quick stop to change flights in New York, but on the night of March 31st, at 8:53 pm exactly, Lib arrived at Delta Cargo and she was the cutest thing I have ever seen.


Through smiles and tears we welcomed Liberty into our arms and brought her home.

The entire car ride home from the airport, she mainly slept in my lap, the other half of the ride she was curiously sniffing EVERYTHING.


It has now been about two weeks that we have had Lib in our home, and she is adjusting a lot quicker than expected! She is slowly learning how to be an American pup, and is getting the hang of actually having to go outside and do puppy things!

Lib is such a sweet puppy, and her coming into our lives is a complete blessing.



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