Sir Lancelot, your coffee is ready… 

My tastebuds have officially died and went to Camelot after trying Starbucks’ *NEW* Unicorn Frappuchino. 

To. Die. For. 

So, if you haven’t tried this glittery, beautiful, fantasy drink yet: here is my experience. 

So, first with it being the first day of these limited edition drinks, as I pulled up to the Starbs I was headed to, immediately I knew the wait would be a while. So after slowly working my way to the speaker at the drive through, I was politely greeted with, 

“Welcome to Starbucks! What can I get started for you?” 

After (obvi) ordering my Unicorn frapp, I watched as every car in front of me (three to be exact) ALL were handed a different sized purple and blue, White Girl Heaven, drink. 

When I got to the window the barista was supporting opening day with some purple eyeshadow with some blue glitter and I was like… 

yes girl, so festive. 

(And then I quickly realized how unintentionally festive I was being today too) 

Hey, girl’s gotta support what she loves, amirite ladies? 
So let’s break this down: 

Whip- The whip is normal, but it’s covered in these sprinkles that are so sour you will literally question your ability to handle sour things. (Becuase when is the last time you had something sour?) 

Blue drizzle- After some research on the Starbucks website, the blue drizzle is white chocolate syrup, mixed with a blue sour powder. 

Purple drink- Don’t let the color fool you, this is simply a vanilla bean frapp, mixed with mango syrup and some sour powders. 

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients that make the frapp, taken directly from the Starbucks website. 

And here is the nutrition, also from the Starbucks website; however I suggest you don’t look at the sugar content and move along with your day 🙂 

Overall, I give the frapp a 10/10. 

My expectations were high, and I expected something sweet and ended up getting sour, so expect the unexpected people. 



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