The Weeknd on a Tuesday 

Concerts are always fun. 

What’s even more fun? 

Being front row at a concert. 

This was not just any concert, this was a Weeknd concert, and all I have are three words: It was amazing. 

Being there with your best friend? Even more amazing. 

I opted for a darker color scheme, since Abel’s music is more on the darker scale. My crop is from Forever 21, jeans are Zara, (I couldn’t find my exact jeans online but these are similar!) and my shoes were H&M

If you have ever been to a concert before, you know that it is loud, crowded, and hot. 

Ok, now times that all by ten where I was standing. 

The elbow shoving, and hair in my face were all 100% worth the view my bestie and I had. When we first found out we were going to the concert, we had no idea that these tickets were this close to the stage. We were definitely excited, but not as excited as we were realizing where we were seated the day of the show. 

Needless to say, we earned it, it was SO worth it, we deserved it, the way we worked it (to stay alive in between all of the shoving) 



Y’all heard of Veganism? 

So… I’m cutting the rumors right here, right now. 

I am NOT vegan!! 

However I love to eat plant based foods!! 

I get asked SO frequently if I am vegan due to the amount of snaps I put up with my plant based food! 

I have nothing against being vegan and actually, if I could, I would! The two main reasons why I’m NOT are:

  1. I love meats like chicken and steak 
  2. I would have absolutely no idea how to keep my body with enough nutrients!

Knowledge definitely is power, so I would need to learn more for sure! If anyone reading has some tips, or is vegan, send me an email or leave a message! I’d love to know more! 


Below are some of my all time fave things to help keep me in check and clean eating. 

Also, has anyone tried this stuff?! 

Kombucha is an amazing health boost in my eyes. It’s fizzy, fruity, and slightly bitter. 

It’s def a go-to. 

Also, one of my FAVE things to make are smoothies!!! 

This one entails: 

  • Isopure unflavored protein powder
  • Frozen blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries 
  • Vanilla almond milk
  • A tiny bit of honey 
  • Chia seeds 
  • Oats 

Blend it all together and you get this beauty! I typically will have a smoothie a day, whether it’s for breakfast or just a snack! 

It’s soooo important to keep your snacks colorful! These are a glimpse of some of my fave snacks! 

I’m a fruit girl because I love my sweets! So any fruit will make me happy! I also am a huge hummus fan! So dipping any veggie in hummus is also a great go-to! 

All of this being said, I definitely do not eat meat as much as I think I do, but I also love getting protein in ways like incorporating eggs into my diet. 

Going vegan would be a lifestyle change that I just am not yet ready for. (Or am I?) 


New Decade, New Me 

Enter Scene: Next decade of my life!

How is it possible that I am already entering my 20’s??? Can we just for a second?? Entering a NEW decade of my life that I am SO ready for.

My teens brought many ups and downs, but as time moves on, my 20’s welcomes a whole new journey for me that I am ready to take on.

So in honor of the twenty years I have been on this earth, I am dedicating this post to “20 Things My Teens Have Taught Me:”

  1. A lot can change in just one year
  2. People who you can go days, even weeks, without talking to but can still pick up and ask about your life, are lifelong friends
  3. It’s ok to skip a workout
  4. It’s also ok to workout twice a day
  5. God is good
  6. Part time jobs are NOT worth stressing over
  7. Small accomplishments are STILL accomplishments!
  8. Love your family
  9. Handle stress with healthy things, like yoga and green tea
  10. Many people will come and go, and there’s a reason for both
  11. Do the things you love, regardless of what people will think 
  12. When opportunities come up, take them
  13. Become friends with EVERYONE 
  14. Take the time to organize your life 
  15. Say I Love You
  16. Don’t dwell on the past 
  17. Go on adventures 
  18. Not everyone deserves to know everything about you
  19. It’s ok to say No
  20. Your sister can be your best friend 

I want to end this post by saying that I am so grateful for the ups and downs that I have faced throughout my life, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. To new beginnings! Xx

Ok, But first: Skin Care

So, can we all just be real here and say how UH-MAZING it feels to have clear skin???

I don’t know anyone on this earth who has ever said “I hate my clear skin.” It’s just no. It doesn’t happen.

To those who might feel differently, sorry not really sorry.

Having clear skin, for the most part, shows that you have a clean diet, you take care of yourself, and you definitely do NOT sleep in your makeup and wash it off every night (pretty, pretty please I beg of you to). I totally understand that there are some medical conditions one may have that causes acne, or other things that someone might just not be able to control. Yes. I get that. OTHER than that, most of us just simply aren’t taking proper care of our skin! Today, I wanted to share with you all what I use either on the daily or weekly to keep my skin lookin’ fresh.

To start, my skin type is what I would describe as combination. I’m drier in some areas, and mostly oily in my T zone. My dry areas cause my cheeks and parts of my forehead to get a red-ish color if I don’t use my special products which I have found useful to me.

Now that you know my skin, lets get to know what I use!
I began using the skincare line Vivierskin after I started working in a spa that used the products, and I’m head-over-heels in love.

At night:

If I’m wearing makeup, I will wash my face with the Vivier HEXAM cleanser. This cleanser is super gentle on the skin, and is anti-redness. A little goes a long way, and one pump is typically good for my entire face.
If I’m wearing a particularly cake face look that day, one pump will take off the makeup, THEN another pump to make sure my face is clean.

Then, if some of my eye makeup is still intact with my face, (it typically is) I will use Neutrogena Makeup Removing wipes to take off the rest of my makeup.

Twice a Week:

The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub is my go-to scrub. After taking off all of my makeup I will moisten my skin and apply this scrub *heart eyes* YOUR SKIN WILL FEEL LIKE HEAVEN!

Patting the face dry, I follow with the Vivier moisturizer LEXXEL.
This moisturizer is literally sent from above. It is moisturizing, AND anti-redness, and it holds true to this.

*lil tip learned from an esti* Pat a little bit extra product onto super red areas overnight and you will wake up redness free! 

In the morning:

Because LEXXEL is so moisturizing, and due to my, partially oily face, I will only use LEXXEL at night unless my face is feeling super thirsty. So, recently I’ve added this into the mix, and that is: SPF.

Vivier carries an SPF that I use daily on my face, under my makeup, called Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. 

I will typically put this on a few minutes before doing my makeup, like when I first wake up, to ensure that it is soaked completely into my skin, because SPF can sometimes take a lil bit longer to soak in unlike a normal moisturizer. 
Vivier is a skin care line that I was blessed to find, and it is what I have found works for me! 


Not a Bad Day In Sight

Everyone has bad days, but why have a bad day when it can be an amazing one instead??

Many of us have heard the quote, “You can’t have sunshine without a little rain” but….what if I want sunshine all of the time??

YOU can turn a day around and I’m going to give you a few tips from what I do when I’m having a just blah day.

Make Coffee or tea…

Coffee has caffeine that will boost your mood instantly, or sip on your favorite herbal tea to help calm yourself instead!

Go for a run…

Or lift weights, or do yoga, or do some sort of your favorite workout. Working out releases endorphins, making you feel better, AND it takes your mind off of whatever was bothering you. Headphones in, bad thoughts out.

Watch your favorite movie…

Its your favorite movie for a reason, you like it and it makes you happy! So watch it!

Bake something…

Whether it’s something healthy or unhealthy, whatever makes you feel better, make it!

Call someone you love…

Talking on the phone with someone you love can change your mood almost instantaneously. Who doesn’t love the people we love??

Read something…

Read positive quotes, a happy book, an uplifting story.

Use essential oils…

Especially orange and lavender; orange will boost your mood and give you energy and lavender will calm, and relax you.

Buy yourself flowers…

Flowers are always a game changer, especially when they’re your favorite.

Light a candle…

Candles are always calming, and relaxing.


Because prayer is calming, and ensuring that even though it’s a bad day you will get through whatever life has to throw at you.