Ok, But first: Skin Care

So, can we all just be real here and say how UH-MAZING it feels to have clear skin???

I don’t know anyone on this earth who has ever said “I hate my clear skin.” It’s just no. It doesn’t happen.

To those who might feel differently, sorry not really sorry.

Having clear skin, for the most part, shows that you have a clean diet, you take care of yourself, and you definitely do NOT sleep in your makeup and wash it off every night (pretty, pretty please I beg of you to). I totally understand that there are some medical conditions one may have that causes acne, or other things that someone might just not be able to control. Yes. I get that. OTHER than that, most of us just simply aren’t taking proper care of our skin! Today, I wanted to share with you all what I use either on the daily or weekly to keep my skin lookin’ fresh.

To start, my skin type is what I would describe as combination. I’m drier in some areas, and mostly oily in my T zone. My dry areas cause my cheeks and parts of my forehead to get a red-ish color if I don’t use my special products which I have found useful to me.

Now that you know my skin, lets get to know what I use!
I began using the skincare line Vivierskin after I started working in a spa that used the products, and I’m head-over-heels in love.

At night:

If I’m wearing makeup, I will wash my face with the Vivier HEXAM cleanser. This cleanser is super gentle on the skin, and is anti-redness. A little goes a long way, and one pump is typically good for my entire face.
If I’m wearing a particularly cake face look that day, one pump will take off the makeup, THEN another pump to make sure my face is clean.

Then, if some of my eye makeup is still intact with my face, (it typically is) I will use Neutrogena Makeup Removing wipes to take off the rest of my makeup.

Twice a Week:

The Vivier Vitamin C Scrub is my go-to scrub. After taking off all of my makeup I will moisten my skin and apply this scrub *heart eyes* YOUR SKIN WILL FEEL LIKE HEAVEN!

Patting the face dry, I follow with the Vivier moisturizer LEXXEL.
This moisturizer is literally sent from above. It is moisturizing, AND anti-redness, and it holds true to this.

*lil tip learned from an esti* Pat a little bit extra product onto super red areas overnight and you will wake up redness free! 

In the morning:

Because LEXXEL is so moisturizing, and due to my, partially oily face, I will only use LEXXEL at night unless my face is feeling super thirsty. So, recently I’ve added this into the mix, and that is: SPF.

Vivier carries an SPF that I use daily on my face, under my makeup, called Triple Protection Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30. 

I will typically put this on a few minutes before doing my makeup, like when I first wake up, to ensure that it is soaked completely into my skin, because SPF can sometimes take a lil bit longer to soak in unlike a normal moisturizer. 
Vivier is a skin care line that I was blessed to find, and it is what I have found works for me! 



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