New Decade, New Me 

Enter Scene: Next decade of my life!

How is it possible that I am already entering my 20’s??? Can we just for a second?? Entering a NEW decade of my life that I am SO ready for.

My teens brought many ups and downs, but as time moves on, my 20’s welcomes a whole new journey for me that I am ready to take on.

So in honor of the twenty years I have been on this earth, I am dedicating this post to “20 Things My Teens Have Taught Me:”

  1. A lot can change in just one year
  2. People who you can go days, even weeks, without talking to but can still pick up and ask about your life, are lifelong friends
  3. It’s ok to skip a workout
  4. It’s also ok to workout twice a day
  5. God is good
  6. Part time jobs are NOT worth stressing over
  7. Small accomplishments are STILL accomplishments!
  8. Love your family
  9. Handle stress with healthy things, like yoga and green tea
  10. Many people will come and go, and there’s a reason for both
  11. Do the things you love, regardless of what people will think 
  12. When opportunities come up, take them
  13. Become friends with EVERYONE 
  14. Take the time to organize your life 
  15. Say I Love You
  16. Don’t dwell on the past 
  17. Go on adventures 
  18. Not everyone deserves to know everything about you
  19. It’s ok to say No
  20. Your sister can be your best friend 

I want to end this post by saying that I am so grateful for the ups and downs that I have faced throughout my life, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. To new beginnings! Xx

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