The Weeknd on a Tuesday 

Concerts are always fun. 

What’s even more fun? 

Being front row at a concert. 

This was not just any concert, this was a Weeknd concert, and all I have are three words: It was amazing. 

Being there with your best friend? Even more amazing. 

I opted for a darker color scheme, since Abel’s music is more on the darker scale. My crop is from Forever 21, jeans are Zara, (I couldn’t find my exact jeans online but these are similar!) and my shoes were H&M

If you have ever been to a concert before, you know that it is loud, crowded, and hot. 

Ok, now times that all by ten where I was standing. 

The elbow shoving, and hair in my face were all 100% worth the view my bestie and I had. When we first found out we were going to the concert, we had no idea that these tickets were this close to the stage. We were definitely excited, but not as excited as we were realizing where we were seated the day of the show. 

Needless to say, we earned it, it was SO worth it, we deserved it, the way we worked it (to stay alive in between all of the shoving) 



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