If You Didn’t Drink a Pineapple Did You Vacay? 

Is post-vacay depression a real thing?? Because this girl is feeling it right now. 

Words cannot even describe how amazing this trip was, and how much I wish I were back by the ocean, drinking out of a pineapple again. 

*A girl can dream, ok?* 

Day 1: 

Can you believe this was my FIRST plane ride EVER?!? 

Yes, it took all of my twenty years of age to finally step foot in the air. (That makes sense right?) 

So obvi being my first trip ever, a kiss was needed. 

We left Chicago around 7pm on Thursday and got in to the Miami airport around midnight Miami time, waited about a good 45 minutes for our rental car, and finally went off to drive down to Islamorada. 

When we finally arrived, around 3 in the morning, the first thing I see on the wall is a little baby lizard! 

Can we just. 

Day 2: 

Entire outfit from TJ Maxx 

Can you say humidity?

This Chicago girl is NOT used to this kind of heat. 

Yes, it gets hot in Chicago in the summer, but can we just talk about the sweat and tears this heat can cause?! 

Anyways, the heat was nothing compared to this view we had from the house we stayed at. 

Major heart eyes. 
We spent the first day swimming in the pool and tanning. We also took the boat up to a restaurant on the water and got to watch the beautiful sunset. 

Day 3: 

Day three was a day filled of sand bars, ocean water, and lots and lots of Despacito blasting from surrounding boats, also parked in the water at the sand bars. 

Bathing suit is Forever 21

Day 4: 

I still cannot even believe that this day happened. 

I love, LOVE adventures. So when we got the opportunity to break free from the amazing group we were with, we took our chances. 

We drove down, crossed over the Seven Mile Bridge, and decided to spend the day in Key West.

When we first got down, we went to this amazing Cuban restaurant called El Siboney, and asked the waitress to give us whatever she recommended. 

Then we headed over to the Southernmost point of the US! 

*Lil side note*

Here in the Chi, for attractions like The Bean, people completely crowd around and literally fight others over getting a picture with it first. HERE in the Key’s, literally everybody treats others with the respect they deserve and they will STAND IN A LINE TO TAKE TURNS !

Mind blowing. 

After visiting the Southernmost point, I guess my puppy dog eyes worked because I wanted to drink out of a super cute pineapple. We got one! 

Day four was our last night in the Keys, and when we got home we went wakeboarding on the boat, and then came home to ensure we had all of our belongings for our early day we had the following day. 

This vacay was a much needed one, and I can’t believe it’s over already! I can’t wait for many more trips to come! 



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