First Day of Sunshine

Happy Summer!! 

Not *officially* summer in technical terms, but summer as in, no more classes, summer. 

Sooo, in honor of the first day of summer, as tradition, my sister and I had to do what we do every first day of summer! 

We spend the day at an adorable coffee shop called Cook Street Coffee. 

What we love most about this adorable little coffee shop is that all of the sweeteners they use are all natural and it is located in Barrington, IL which is an adorable environment to be in. 

Sister time is important and we highly respect that rule. 


I opted for the vanilla bean latte (which, literally has real vanilla bean in it)! I totally forgot to ask them to make mine with almond milk, but being a barista in the past and understanded that I just simply needed to enjoy my latte the way lattes where intended to be made, it was delish. 

Sister went for a hazlenut latte, and we shared this lemon cranberry muffin (10/10 would recommend). 


My tote is from New York & Company, the one linked isn’t the exact, but it is extremely identical due to the fact that I bought this a long time ago! 

Also, my romper is from a small boutique I found in Iowa City, so here, is a similar sleeveless version, and here is another similar long sleeve version! 

You can find my sunglasses here

Then, just to top off our day, because why not, we went to Whole Foods.

What’s new? 

Just picked up a few things, but Whole Foods has always had my heart. I love the atmosphere and the amazing people who work there, it just always puts you in an amazing mood! 

So, why wouldn’t we go?!

The first day of summer set good intentions for the rest of the summer. We had an amazing day just spending time together, the weather was perfect (because we all know that Chicago would much rather be cold than warm) 

*eye roll*

Cheers to an amazing summer! 




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