Am I a Georgia Peach Yet??


It has been one week since I left Chicago and moved to Georgia, and within that week I have made some friends, found a new gym, gotten back to my Dog-Mom ways, and continued my caffeine addiction. 

Before three weeks ago, I had never been on a plane before and the furthest place I’ve ever gone outside of Illinois was a fam vacay (we drove) to see more fam that lives in Tennessee. 

That being said, being in a new environment is definitely a change for me. I had never seen a city outside of Chicago before, so seeing Savannah for the first time, as beautiful as it is, was a shocker! 

Where are the skyscrapers?! 

Taking a highway to get everywhere is a major change too; being so used to town, after town, after town. Don’t get me wrong, I’m used to highways, it’s the fact that you have to go from town, to town using them without a choice. 

Everything is different, but different in a good way. 

Living with my boyfriend is a blessing after being long distance for so long, and that is another reason why GA is so great. 

I know the unexpected is yet to come, and yes it is scary, but it is also refreshing to know that I have a lifetime of adventures ahead of me. Day to day life can get easily caught up in routine, and as there is nothing wrong with that, it just sometimes leads to getting stuck in the same place. 

Week one: Check. 

I can’t wait to share the many adventures yet to come, and I will be sharing a lot of my day to day adventures in my Instagram story! 

Follow me at: kristensiciliano 

(If you don’t already *hair flip*) 


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