Coffee in the Garage? 

Savannah is a beautiful city, and I am quickly learning that it is also FULL of cute, little coffee shops!

Which, hellooo, do we know who we are talking to?!

Like, my blog is not called Lipstick & Lattes for nothing!

This adorable little coffee shop that I got to adventure to was called Perc Coffee. Perc reminded me a lot of one of my favorite coffee shops back home in Chicago, called River City Roasters.

When I first pulled up I had to double check to ensure that I didn’t drive completely past the shop, and I literally checked my GPS to make sure I was at the right place! This coffee shop was like nothing I’ve ever seen before; it was hidden inside of a old garage!

Yes, the garage was turned into a coffee shop!

Very rustic vibes, white, peeling brick walls, stickers all over the walls, and baristas dressed like hipsters.

I went with a new friend that I made in Savannah, and we both ordered sweetened condensed milk lattes. So good.

I mean, look at this latte art.

For my outfit of the day I wore my off the shoulder shirt with little tassels at the end (TJ Maxx), and my white shorts I got from Forever 21, 

The link I provided for the shorts are sold out in white, and only available in the color Tomato.

I also wore my Tory Burch Flats.

Afterwards, we realized we were so hungry, so we stopped at this amazing, tiny lil burger place; where I had my first sweet tea in the South. 🙂

Spending the day at a cute, little coffee shop talking with a friend really helped me feel like I was right at home in Chicago. I love exploring new places and am so excited that I still have all of summer to explore to different adorable spots in Savannah.




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