Chicago Fourth 

Happy Birthday America!! 

Can you guys believe that the Fourth of July is here and gone already?! 

I feel like this summer is completely slipping away, but has also been so eventful so I can’t even complain. 

I kept my outfits this Fourth extremely festive. In my opinion, you only get ONE time a year to wear this stuff sooo I’m going to take FULL advantage and look like America threw up all over me. 🙂 

For those who don’t know, yes I did drive 14 hours back home to Chicago to be with family on the Fourth of July! 

100% worth it. 

That’s a pic of me and my bestie, beautiful sister. 

The drive is beautiful, so many things to see when you pass through like all of the states 🙂 

(And my boyfriend gets to be locked in the car with me for 14 hours so that’s also a win) 

My entire outfit is from TJ Maxx, and my lipstick is Ruby Woo by MAC. 

I’ll be posting some of my fave workouts soon up here on L&L so keep a lookout for those 😉 



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