Happy Thursday everyone!

Today is a special day to me, and I will explain why!

Tonight is my first night actually working my new job out here in Savannah and when I say actually working it’s because I have been going to trainings that haven’t really been hands on; more like factual, learning-the-company type training. Nothing wrong with that, because I am the type of person who needs ALL the preparation this girl can get.

I started my morning with some coffee and decided to search up some juice bars in Savannah, and you best believe this girl found one.

I got an acai bowl, and a vitality juice.

So good.

The lil juice bar is called Beetnix, and is located right in the heart of all of the action (shopping) here in Savannah.

Super adorable, and amazing vibes. Being also a yoga studio, lets just say that I completely fit in with my morning workout clothes.

I feel super happy today, and I just wanted to share my vibes, and good energy with all of you. I hope if you are reading this, you have an amazing day, whatever it is you’re wishing for comes true, and nothing but positive vibes are sent your way. I think it is important that when you wake up you set the intention for the day. Recently my morning routines involve listening to brightening, positive music, and setting intentions for the day. When you set your daily intentions and make a plan, the day is more likely to go the way you intend it to. Do things in the morning that make you feel good, and make you happy, because it is your day and your life, so live the best one.



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