Reflecting on the past few weeks they all seem like a complete blur in my mind.

Now that I am working again, I am getting into a lil flow and days aren’t just blending into each other; however I am one to really over think and stress myself out when I overbook my mind.

Taking just one online class over this summer to keep up with my classes was just enough to keep me busy, but also stress me out to the point where it was basically the only thing on my mind every day. Today was my final day of the class and, trust me, girl is CELEBRATING!! 

I feel that if you work for something, there is a deserved outcome at the finish line; but that should also not let you lose your motivation to constantly continue to work hard towards your next goals.

One chapter finishes, right as another begins.

In honor of finishing my class, and beginning a new job in a new city, I decided to clean the entire house, (because you have to start fresh, and clean) bake something sweet, and ordered a new Rose Quartz bracelet, which you can also buy here.

I learned about the bracelet through one of my favorite Vloggers, Polina Beregova, who is inspiring me to learn more about crystals, meditation, and energies.

I am extremely excited about my bracelet because rose quartz is my favorite stone. It symbolizes love, and relationships and I mean who doesn’t love anything that’s pink!?

I can’t wait to have the beautiful love stone in my hands, and a full review will come soon after!

My heart is full, and today is the start of a new open door.

Happy Thursday!



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