What Does My Hair Wear?

Hair care is SO important, and I am constantly asked what I do to get my hair to the length, and strength it is at!

Today I am sharing with you some of my ALL time favorite products that help me to achieve a good hair day, every day!


In the shower I use Moroccan Oil Repair shampoo and conditioner.


I immediately use the original Moroccan Oil Treatment and the heat styling protectant spray, to ensure that my hair is protected before I blow dry!


Once my hair is completely dry, I will add some of the Dry Shampoo in Dark to add some texture to my roots. Then I will add some more of the oil treatment, and then curl my hair, and finish with the Luminous Hairspray in Extra Strong.

Wah – lah! Beautiful, luminous, silky soft, shiny hair!



Total Eclipse Experience 

Lets talk about the eclipse, baby!

Wow, seriously just wow is really all I can say when I am asked how it felt to experience something so truly amazing. This eclipse was a truly beautiful moment that I am one of many lucky people to have been able to experience in person. 

Waking up to sunshine and blue skies was a welcoming way to start the day, however mind you we were still about an hour and a half away in Savannah. Charleston, SC is the end goal of where we needed to be. So, that being said, once we were in Charleston, the sky was kind of iffy. One minute sunshine, next minute clouds. 

We stopped for some gelato, of course, and then walked around and visited the beautiful city of Charleston. 

You can find similar dresses to my maxi here, and here


Shoes can be found here

After we explored we went to the dock to pick our spots to watch the eclipse from. (We knew that would be a great place because we followed the crowd of people already saving their spots!) 

As the eclipse approached us, we could slowly start to see the moon covering the sun! So mesmerizing! 

Then for about 30 minutes, all we saw were clouds, and nothing else! 

So the time for the eclipse to show totality was absolutely breathtaking, with just a small break in the clouds with just enough room for us to clearly see the sun and the moon without any overcast, there it was: the full solar eclipse! 

This day was nothing short of perfection and I feel so thankful to be living in an area close enough to Charleston to have been able to view it at 100% totality. 

Until 2024, solar eclipse! 


Did Someone Say “Pumpkin Spice?!” 

Let me tell you, I know, no, I KNOW that it is still summer time and YES I am holding on to every bit of summer and sunshine as I can!!

However, bring out the pumpkin spice and I’m weak.

So weak that YES I did go out and buy fall scented candles!

I am all for making your house smell seasonal, so when the scents come out, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to go ahead and stock up!

The pumpkin candle is sitting, burning away in our kitchen, while the leaves scent is located in the living area; where both scents can gracefully combine and make a very nice, fall scent. For the upstairs, master bedroom, I decided to put the rose scent. Roses are high energy and since we are lacking bedroom furniture due do just moving in, I have no place to put actual roses; so a rose scented candle it is!

As for the car scents, I think it is important to have the inside of your car always smelling fresh. When it smells nice, you feel nice. It is just cleaner to me. (And yes, I 100% have already put the pumpkin scents in my car.)

ByKsenia Crystals & Why You Need Them in Your Life

Since discovering that I am an Empath, (if you are unsure of what an Empath is, or just want to learn more, click here) I have realized that being near water is calming, and comforting to me. Yes, many can say that they love the ocean, but the feeling is indescribable.

Yesterday my beautiful new Rose Quartz bracelet came in from ByKsenia, and after following the steps to charge the crystals I took them to the beach with me today to cleanse them in the ocean water; which is something stated as an option in the instructions that come with the bracelet!

Rewinding back to before I left for the beach, immediately after putting the bracelet on I felt a sense of purity and happiness and I knew it would be a great day. 

I will most definitely be ordering more bracelets from ByKsenia, and I look forward to the energies they will bring. When you order a bracelet, you can tell it was made directly for you; making your crystals feel even more powerful. It comes so quickly for a handmade bracelet, and arrives in a beautiful little gold envelope. 

(Making opening it 10X more exciting) 

Your address and everything are handwritten in beautiful cursive writing, AND she writes you a personal hand written note. 

If that doesn’t say amazing customer service I don’t know what does. 10/10 highly recommend ordering a bracelet of your own! 

There is a Whole Foods on the way to the beach, so obviously I had to stop in! My drink is a almond milk chai tea latte with an extra shot of espresso and… wait for it… PUMPKIN SPICE! 

Yes, that is correct, for those of you who haven’t yet been informed, Whole Foods has pumpkin spice syrup year round!! 

So obviously this was another sign of a great day ahead! (And yes, I proudly drink pumpkin spice while tanning at the beach in the middle of summer #AsBasicAsItGets)

Just as I am obsessed with a PSL, I am LOVING my Moroccan oil for basically everything this summer. I use this on my hair, nails, AND skin. It is super moisturizing and leaves absolute no greasy feeling whatsoever. Basically everything you can wish for in an oil all in one. Moroccan oil is also known to be anti aging according to this article. You can buy this bottle of Moroccan oil (pictured above) here

My sandals are from Forever 21, you can find here

Sunglasses are Kate Spade, sold out online but you can find similar ones here

Let me know which crystals you decide to wear! I’d love to know Xx 


This outfit is from a few weeks ago, which you can see here on my Instagram, but I loved this outfit way too much not to share it! Off the shoulder tops are one of the most on trend items to wear right now, and so perfect for the summer heat! I paired my white top, which is from Charming Charlie, with some white shorts and some brown booties. My top is seemingly sold out online, however you can find similar ones here, here, and an almost identical one from Charming Charlie, here. My shoes are Francesca’s, and can be found here!



Positive Thinking

Life can easily get the best of us sometimes and as easy as it is to just throw our hands in the air and say f*$%! this, that isn’t how situations get resolved. I am typically a positive person, and look at situations with a glass half full kind of mindset, however, I am also known to waaayy overthink sometimes, and blow things out of proportion. Most of the time when this happens, I break down, start crying immediately and over analyze the information that made me, so quickly, upset. Then, as soon as things become more clear, I question why I didn’t just stay calm in the first place; most of the time, it’s not worth freaking out over.

So here are a few of my personal tips that I have found work best for me to keep calm, and stay positive.


I know, this is so generic; but it’s true! If you feel down, or upset about something, moping around with a frown on your face is only going to intensify your negative feelings. Put a smile on your face and you will immediately feel yourself start to think about reasons to keep that smile on your face.

All while getting your thoughts away from the stressful, bad ones.

Compliment someone…

I don’t know about you, but making others feel good, makes me feel good! We live in a world full of competition, so why not make someone feel equal. Make someone feel good, compliment their hair, personality, laugh, whatever it is. This will also help those who are around you to feel a more positive energy, thus surrounding you with better, brighter energy.


Sometimes, you just don’t know how you’re feeling, and you just have a million thoughts at once that just can’t seem to make it out of your head through words. I have multiple different friends who I go to to vent about different situations, and sometimes, when I can’t think of what I would say, or how I would vent, letting out emotions through paper and pen is the best way to clear those thoughts.

Wake up with positive intentions…

So you had a bad yesterday, don’t wake up and bring those thoughts into today. Wake up with good thoughts, think about all of the accomplishments you had the day before, tell yourself you are going to have a great day, and guess what? You’re going to have a great day!

Start your day with things that make you happy…

If you love coffee or tea, take some time to make sure you get at least one cup in before you start your day. If you love talking with your best friend, mom, sister, boyfriend, whoever it may be, give them a call before your day starts. When you start the day off with something that makes you feel good, you will unintentionally continue to be positive through the day. It is easy to stop and remember how amazing your morning was, and to continue it on into the rest of your day.

Support others…

Life isn’t a race, so it is so important to cheer on the accomplishments of those who are in your life. Amazing new accomplishments don’t always happen everyday, but it is important to be there for others because then they will be there to celebrate you when your time comes.

Forgive and forget…

Living in the past gets you nowhere. Many of us can easily find ourselves worried about the future because of the unknown, and due to scary pasts. Think about it, everyone has hard times, but it’s how you handle them, and use them to move forward. Don’t dwell on past relationships, schoolwork, jobs, events. You have to learn to forgive the situation, understand what you learned from it, and take that knowledge to get you further.


Love is what makes the world go ’round. Without love, the world would be a deep, dark place. Learning to love is learning to be vulnerable, trusting, and caring for others. When you give love, you receive love.

There is always something up my sleeve on how to be positive, feel free to email or message me if you ever need some motivation, or just your thoughts on the above topics! I’m always willing to share. Xx