ByKsenia Crystals & Why You Need Them in Your Life

Since discovering that I am an Empath, (if you are unsure of what an Empath is, or just want to learn more, click here) I have realized that being near water is calming, and comforting to me. Yes, many can say that they love the ocean, but the feeling is indescribable.

Yesterday my beautiful new Rose Quartz bracelet came in from ByKsenia, and after following the steps to charge the crystals I took them to the beach with me today to cleanse them in the ocean water; which is something stated as an option in the instructions that come with the bracelet!

Rewinding back to before I left for the beach, immediately after putting the bracelet on I felt a sense of purity and happiness and I knew it would be a great day. 

I will most definitely be ordering more bracelets from ByKsenia, and I look forward to the energies they will bring. When you order a bracelet, you can tell it was made directly for you; making your crystals feel even more powerful. It comes so quickly for a handmade bracelet, and arrives in a beautiful little gold envelope. 

(Making opening it 10X more exciting) 

Your address and everything are handwritten in beautiful cursive writing, AND she writes you a personal hand written note. 

If that doesn’t say amazing customer service I don’t know what does. 10/10 highly recommend ordering a bracelet of your own! 

There is a Whole Foods on the way to the beach, so obviously I had to stop in! My drink is a almond milk chai tea latte with an extra shot of espresso and… wait for it… PUMPKIN SPICE! 

Yes, that is correct, for those of you who haven’t yet been informed, Whole Foods has pumpkin spice syrup year round!! 

So obviously this was another sign of a great day ahead! (And yes, I proudly drink pumpkin spice while tanning at the beach in the middle of summer #AsBasicAsItGets)

Just as I am obsessed with a PSL, I am LOVING my Moroccan oil for basically everything this summer. I use this on my hair, nails, AND skin. It is super moisturizing and leaves absolute no greasy feeling whatsoever. Basically everything you can wish for in an oil all in one. Moroccan oil is also known to be anti aging according to this article. You can buy this bottle of Moroccan oil (pictured above) here

My sandals are from Forever 21, you can find here

Sunglasses are Kate Spade, sold out online but you can find similar ones here

Let me know which crystals you decide to wear! I’d love to know Xx 


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