Did Someone Say “Pumpkin Spice?!” 

Let me tell you, I know, no, I KNOW that it is still summer time and YES I am holding on to every bit of summer and sunshine as I can!!

However, bring out the pumpkin spice and I’m weak.

So weak that YES I did go out and buy fall scented candles!

I am all for making your house smell seasonal, so when the scents come out, I believe it is perfectly acceptable to go ahead and stock up!

The pumpkin candle is sitting, burning away in our kitchen, while the leaves scent is located in the living area; where both scents can gracefully combine and make a very nice, fall scent. For the upstairs, master bedroom, I decided to put the rose scent. Roses are high energy and since we are lacking bedroom furniture due do just moving in, I have no place to put actual roses; so a rose scented candle it is!

As for the car scents, I think it is important to have the inside of your car always smelling fresh. When it smells nice, you feel nice. It is just cleaner to me. (And yes, I 100% have already put the pumpkin scents in my car.)


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