Total Eclipse Experience 

Lets talk about the eclipse, baby!

Wow, seriously just wow is really all I can say when I am asked how it felt to experience something so truly amazing. This eclipse was a truly beautiful moment that I am one of many lucky people to have been able to experience in person. 

Waking up to sunshine and blue skies was a welcoming way to start the day, however mind you we were still about an hour and a half away in Savannah. Charleston, SC is the end goal of where we needed to be. So, that being said, once we were in Charleston, the sky was kind of iffy. One minute sunshine, next minute clouds. 

We stopped for some gelato, of course, and then walked around and visited the beautiful city of Charleston. 

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After we explored we went to the dock to pick our spots to watch the eclipse from. (We knew that would be a great place because we followed the crowd of people already saving their spots!) 

As the eclipse approached us, we could slowly start to see the moon covering the sun! So mesmerizing! 

Then for about 30 minutes, all we saw were clouds, and nothing else! 

So the time for the eclipse to show totality was absolutely breathtaking, with just a small break in the clouds with just enough room for us to clearly see the sun and the moon without any overcast, there it was: the full solar eclipse! 

This day was nothing short of perfection and I feel so thankful to be living in an area close enough to Charleston to have been able to view it at 100% totality. 

Until 2024, solar eclipse! 



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