What’s in my cart? Whole Foods Edition

I am going to start out with whoever the creator of Whole Foods may be, all I can say is thank you, from the bottom of my heart. Who knew someone could love a grocery store this much?! Whole Foods is almost like a little happy place for me; they have everything I could need for my health and well being, and they have a little coffee and food bar to hang out at, and chill all day. Now if only Savannah Whole Foods would come out with a Kombucha Keg…. that would be great. *cough cough*

Every trip to the good ole’ WF is different, because I always feel like I only pick out the essentials. This post today is not a grocery haul, it’s more of a quick lil grab n’ go.

First, of course I always have to be stocked up on my GTS Kombucha. My absolute fave is the trilogy. Drooling just thinking about it. Next up is my granola, because girl can never have too much granola.

On this particular trip, I picked up some butternut squash noodles, that I sautéed with some sweet potatoes, and kale, and served on top of ezekiel bread. Once again, yum.

I will typically, almost always grab some Halo Top; preferably Birthday Cake, or Red Velvet. Depending on the day I will also grab some fresh pressed juices, some protein bars, almond milk (because Whole Foods’ brand almond milk is SO good), and some fresh produce. In my picture of my basket, the little brown bag is filled with some organic oranges that I picked up to use as a face mask.

Face mask: 2 oranges, peeled. Take the peels of the oranges and blend them up in a food processor with some water and apply the paste to your face for 10 minutes! It helped to brighten and tone my skin, also while killing off any bacteria that may have been stuck in my pores.

Quick little Whole Foods runs are basically what I live for, and they can always brighten up a cloudy day. What do you guys get on your grocery store runs? Comment below!



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