Ok, But First: My Coffee Order!

As many of you know, my coffee obsession is unreal; Completely through the roof, and there are no plans on stopping it any time soon. 

Obviously when I found this candle I HAD to get it, being it literally smells like fresh brewed coffee, and who doesn’t love the smell of fresh coffee?! If you want this candle, and some festive fall scents for your home, Bath & Body Works is having a $10 off 3-wick candles sale, you can shop here!

The driving force behind my name “LipsticknLattes” was actually due to me being a barista at the time I started my blog. Making endless amounts of different caffeinated drinks everyday was complete happiness to me. Everyone has a different order, just like everyone has different personalities. One of my favorite things to do was to guess what people would order, before they ordered, and honestly I was pretty good. Your personality can say a lot about your coffee order. 

With that being said, I get a lot of questions about what my order is, and today I’m going to tell you! Now before I start, I’m kind of different, my order changes year round! So, to begin:

Everyday: Every morning I start my day with black coffee! The stronger the better, and if for whatever reason I don’t have it in the morning, I can’t have any other kind of coffee at all until I have my plain, black cup. 

Summer: This is when I switch things up, still with my black coffee in the morning, then throughout the day I’ll have iced black coffee, or iced coffee with no sweetener and either soy milk, almond milk, or coconut milk! 

Fall: This basic white girl is a *complete* sucker for her pumpkin spice lattes! I’ll take them iced, hot, in a frappeccino, literally any way! 

Winter: This season is literally a mix between the rest of the year! I can drink iced coffee in the dead of winter, 14 degrees outside, or I’ll take my plain black coffee, OR who doesn’t love Starbucks’ holiday drinks?! My fave being a gingerbread latte with soy milk. So yum. 

Out with Friends: I love lattes because of their latte art, but I will typically get a dry cappuccino (because I love more of a coffee taste over a milky taste), and all of the foam a cappuccino comes with. Major heart eyes. 

A triple latte with soy milk is another one of my faves! 

I Need a MAJOR Caffeine boost: Black coffee with an extra (or 2!!!) shot of espresso!! No questions asked. 

So obviously this isn’t a strict, to the books coffee rule I always go by, and if I’m somewhere super cute with amazing options, then obviously I’ll explore! This was just my typical, every day coffee order that I hope you enjoyed! 

What do you like to drink? Comment below! 



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