How To: Have a Long Distance Friendship

Everyone needs that one person that they can always call, even if it’s three in the morning, and you know they’ll listen. That person you can tell the most insane story to about what you did last night, and not get judged for it.

That person is called your best friend.

When I decided to pack up my entire life and move down south to Savannah, my besties were 100% on board with me, and that support was honestly exactly what I needed in order to do something like that with my life. Your best friends will be there for you, and support you no matter what, and sometimes that is all you need. Since moving down south I obviously am unable to see my friends in person, however today I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I use to still stay in touch with my besties, and a few ways that you know someone is your true friend.


As I stated above, the support of my friends was really more than I think they thought. When someone doesn’t support a decision that impacts your life, not theirs, it shows some different emotions other than being supportive. A true friend will let you call them up and cry about your break up and listen, or let you vent about another crazy night you had without judging you for the choices you made. A true friend will love you regardless of your choices, however, if they give you their genuine advice it is probably wise to listen; as they are your best friend.

Low Maintenance

One of the best feelings in the entire world is seeing your best friend after not seeing each other in ages, and being able to start up again like no time had passed at all. Yes, your life may be busy, (I am notorious for always thinking about my friends, but getting caught up in my own life that I forget my thoughts and fail to text or call 😦 ) but so is raising a newborn child, or finishing up another semester at school and starting a new internship. Lets face it, we all move on with our lives and when a friend comes in who doesn’t expect you to check up on them every second of everyday, you know they’re a keeper.


When birthdays roll around, do NOT I repeat DO. NOT. neglect your friends! Send a birthday present, post a picture, send a text or call them and let them know that you want to wish them a Happy Birthday! Distance can get in the way of  a lot of things, don’t let it get in the way of your besties’ special day.

When you see a post on social media showing that they may be going through a hard time, OR that something really great just happened, this is another reason to drop your life and pick up that phone. There may be distance between you and your best friend, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to care about them when things are going on in their lives.


We live on social media these days, so is someone really your bestie if you’re not tagging them in memes on Instagram and vice versa? Send pictures of places you are that you know they’d love, or people that you both know that you run into. Keep them in touch with your life, just as they should be keeping you in the loop as well. If something major happened in my life, I know for a FACT my besties would be pretty upset with me for not sharing with them first.

Having a best friend makes you feel whole. You know you always have someone to talk to, and someone who will forever be in your life, just as you in theirs. I love you besties, thank you for making my world go round.


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