Booty Building Guide

Alright ladies, you asked so I brought it.

One of my most asked questions is what my workout routine is, and the second most asked question that I get is asking what my leg day routine is. This routine that I have put together for you is what I have done, two times a week, every week to build up the muscles that I wanted! These workouts were found through trial and error, and finally I found my routine that I love that I know is effective, because I’ve been using it for over two years now! Now don’t get me wrong, it is great to switch up your leg day workouts and spend some days doing something other than this routine just to ensure your muscles don’t get comfortable on you, however, this routine is a kick butt (pun intended) workout that I know you’ll love!


-Start with 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, skipping every other step for the first five minutes, then sidesteps on both legs for two minutes per leg, then backwards (if you can) for the remaining time.

-Or you can do the treadmill on a speed low enough for you to do lunges for five minutes. I typically put the treadmill on level one and sometimes put it on an incline for a little more push. Then incline the treadmill to 15% and set it to a walk/run speed for the remaining five minutes.


Kick backs on all fours with a red cable (or a medium resistance band) attached to the foot kicking up and holding down the other end of the strap with the opposite knee on the floor. 30 reps kicking up on each side for the first round, 20 for the second, and 10 for the last.

Kettle bell sumo squats; hold the kettle bell at your chest, squat, then drop the kettle bell to the floor holding it between your legs as if you were about to do a kettle bell swing, squat… and so on back and fourth for 20 reps, three rounds. Each rotation bringing the kettle bell to your chest then squat, then the floor, then squat is one. 

-Grab a 25 pound weight and a bosu ball, (the half workout ball with one side a flat side) stand on the bosu ball, flat side facing up, and balance yourself on the flat side while holding the 25 lb weight, squat down. 12 reps, three rounds. 

-35 pound bar on your shoulders, curtesy lunge to each side, ten reps on each side (20 total per round), three rounds, four if you’re feeling up to it!

TRX; holding onto the TRX with both hands, lunge back and then bring that same leg you lunged back with and do a pistol squat. (A squat using only one leg, the other sticking out in front of you hovering, not touching the ground) Do this with no limit intended, until failure. 

Smith machine; put 35 lbs on each side and put a mat on the ground. Rest your knees on the mat and position yourself with the bar on your back and do a “mini half squat” but while you’re still on your knees. 12 reps for three sets.

Squat rack; using just the bar, position it in a front squat position and go until failure for three rounds. 

Cool Down:

-Sometimes I will go do 20-30 minutes of the Stairmaster after if I really want to push myself and sweat a little more

-Stretch and roll out

There you have it! These are my top favorite workouts that I have proven myself to see results! If you have any questions feel free to message me on my Instagram, @kristensiciliano, or shoot me an email I will gladly give you some more info!


How To: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every year, immediately after Halloween is over we are flooded with Christmas decor, gift guides, and Holiday dish ideas. However it seems that everyone always seems to forget about the beloved Turkey Day that falls right in between Halloween and Christmas. This girl right here does not ever forget because come Thanksgiving means nothing more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only music to my ears being a blogger/girl who loves to shop, *can you blame me?* but it is an amazing opportunity to look at finally treating yourself to something that is a little pricier that you wouldn’t normally buy, AND it is a great time to buy your Christmas presents! Many people start early on their shopping, and I am not one of them. Therefore, these two days are a perfect time to catch up on the last minute Christmas shopping that needs to be done!

Black Friday

The thing about Black Friday is that it doesn’t only have to be shopping at midnight immediately after stuffing your face with your Thanksgiving meal. Black Friday, although fun to go at midnight, can wait until the next morning. If you wake up early enough and head out, the Black Friday deals are still available the next day all through Friday. Hence the Black Friday. 

-Make a list of things you’re expecting the buy/look for. This way you don’t get overwhelmed by everything that is on sale and completely forget what you came for.

-If you’re iffy about wanting something, just buy it. Black Friday sales are typically record breaking sales of the year and won’t be around long, (both the sale, and most likely the product you’re contemplating!)

Cyber Monday

This sale, if I’m being honest is more my cup of tea. No clutter, no crowds, and no fighting through everything to find your size. You can sit at home on your laptop, with your coffee and can even be in your pajamas if that is the kind of lifestyle you support (This girl.) then you totally can!

-Browse now, and keep everything in your cart. This way when everything is selling out quickly, you already know what you want and can just type in your card info!

-Shop your more expensive stores for this day. These sales don’t last long and only come once a year, so why not splurge!

-Make sure the sites you are shopping on are legit. You do not want to run into a problem with any credit card info or anything simply because you trusted a shady website!

Stay safe, and happy shopping!!




This outfit was so much fun to wear because It was perfect for walking around downtown Savannah and shopping all day! 

Ladies, if you haven’t gotten your hands on these cheetah booties yet you better hop on the band wagon real quick! This was my first time wearing these babies after I ordered them through Target while they were having their boots sale and they were SO comfy!! My feet never hurt the entire day!! 

You can buy them here

My top is a knit sweater from Forever 21, and is sold out but you can find a similar one here and here

And you can find my jeans here

It’s hard to tell but I’m also wearing this assortment of necklaces! 


Rosehip is SO hip

If you have been following me for a while then you know that I am a huge fan of oils. I love using moroccan oil in my hair, coconut oil for, I mean, basically everything, tea tree oil in my homemade face mask, and now today I am going to share with you one of my secret weapons in my skincare: rosehip oil.

Rosehip oil is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamins that are amazing for your skin! Carrying anti-aging components, healing dark spots and acne scars, and anti inflammatory factors that will make your skin look the best it has ever looked. I used to use this oil on my face every single day until one day I ran out and simply, foolishly,  didn’t take the time to buy more! Recently I discovered The Ordinary, 100% cold pressed rosehip oil, and it upped my skin care game back to where it used to be! Makeup free faces look glowing, brightened, and color-corrected after using this oil!

This oil is:

  • Vegan
  • Water free
  • Alcohol free
  • Cruelty free
  • Silicone free 
  • Nut free

Completely safe to use, and good for you as well!

Also, did I mention this AMAZING oil is only $9.80!!!!

You can purchase it here!

How to Use it:

As your nigh-time routine, after you have washed your face, use your favorite moisturizer, (mine is the Lexxel anti-redness moisturizer by Vivier), and then you apply a small amount of the rosehip oil to your face on top of your moisturizer! The oil is strong enough to penetrate through your moisturizer, whereas your moisturizer cannot penetrate through the oil!


Sky High, Thigh Highs

Ever since posting these over the knee boots, the questions come pouring in where they can be bought! 

Linking three different pairs below, ALL Steve Madden! One pair is the exact pair shown in my pictures and the other two are identicals that are a little cheaper! 

Exact pair found here

Similars found here, and here (<— these ones are a STEAL right now!) 

Hot in Kendra Scott

Yesterday I had the amazing opportunity to shop the new Winter 2017 collection at Kendra Scott in Savannah. 

All of the colors were so rich and beautiful and absolutely perfect for the holiday season! It was so difficult to chose what I wanted!! Anything sparkly and colorful just amazes me! *major heart eyes* 

Being invited to come check out this new collection was so special to me because I have never had a piece of this beautiful jewelry before, so I wanted something that I could wear every day! 

This is the beautiful piece that I picked out; It is perfect for everyday wear and will match with almost anything! 

If you want to purchase this beautiful piece you can find it here! I have the stone Rose quartz