How To: Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Every year, immediately after Halloween is over we are flooded with Christmas decor, gift guides, and Holiday dish ideas. However it seems that everyone always seems to forget about the beloved Turkey Day that falls right in between Halloween and Christmas. This girl right here does not ever forget because come Thanksgiving means nothing more than Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are not only music to my ears being a blogger/girl who loves to shop, *can you blame me?* but it is an amazing opportunity to look at finally treating yourself to something that is a little pricier that you wouldn’t normally buy, AND it is a great time to buy your Christmas presents! Many people start early on their shopping, and I am not one of them. Therefore, these two days are a perfect time to catch up on the last minute Christmas shopping that needs to be done!

Black Friday

The thing about Black Friday is that it doesn’t only have to be shopping at midnight immediately after stuffing your face with your Thanksgiving meal. Black Friday, although fun to go at midnight, can wait until the next morning. If you wake up early enough and head out, the Black Friday deals are still available the next day all through Friday. Hence the Black Friday. 

-Make a list of things you’re expecting the buy/look for. This way you don’t get overwhelmed by everything that is on sale and completely forget what you came for.

-If you’re iffy about wanting something, just buy it. Black Friday sales are typically record breaking sales of the year and won’t be around long, (both the sale, and most likely the product you’re contemplating!)

Cyber Monday

This sale, if I’m being honest is more my cup of tea. No clutter, no crowds, and no fighting through everything to find your size. You can sit at home on your laptop, with your coffee and can even be in your pajamas if that is the kind of lifestyle you support (This girl.) then you totally can!

-Browse now, and keep everything in your cart. This way when everything is selling out quickly, you already know what you want and can just type in your card info!

-Shop your more expensive stores for this day. These sales don’t last long and only come once a year, so why not splurge!

-Make sure the sites you are shopping on are legit. You do not want to run into a problem with any credit card info or anything simply because you trusted a shady website!

Stay safe, and happy shopping!!




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