Booty Building Guide

Alright ladies, you asked so I brought it.

One of my most asked questions is what my workout routine is, and the second most asked question that I get is asking what my leg day routine is. This routine that I have put together for you is what I have done, two times a week, every week to build up the muscles that I wanted! These workouts were found through trial and error, and finally I found my routine that I love that I know is effective, because I’ve been using it for over two years now! Now don’t get me wrong, it is great to switch up your leg day workouts and spend some days doing something other than this routine just to ensure your muscles don’t get comfortable on you, however, this routine is a kick butt (pun intended) workout that I know you’ll love!


-Start with 10 minutes on the Stairmaster, skipping every other step for the first five minutes, then sidesteps on both legs for two minutes per leg, then backwards (if you can) for the remaining time.

-Or you can do the treadmill on a speed low enough for you to do lunges for five minutes. I typically put the treadmill on level one and sometimes put it on an incline for a little more push. Then incline the treadmill to 15% and set it to a walk/run speed for the remaining five minutes.


Kick backs on all fours with a red cable (or a medium resistance band) attached to the foot kicking up and holding down the other end of the strap with the opposite knee on the floor. 30 reps kicking up on each side for the first round, 20 for the second, and 10 for the last.

Kettle bell sumo squats; hold the kettle bell at your chest, squat, then drop the kettle bell to the floor holding it between your legs as if you were about to do a kettle bell swing, squat… and so on back and fourth for 20 reps, three rounds. Each rotation bringing the kettle bell to your chest then squat, then the floor, then squat is one. 

-Grab a 25 pound weight and a bosu ball, (the half workout ball with one side a flat side) stand on the bosu ball, flat side facing up, and balance yourself on the flat side while holding the 25 lb weight, squat down. 12 reps, three rounds. 

-35 pound bar on your shoulders, curtesy lunge to each side, ten reps on each side (20 total per round), three rounds, four if you’re feeling up to it!

TRX; holding onto the TRX with both hands, lunge back and then bring that same leg you lunged back with and do a pistol squat. (A squat using only one leg, the other sticking out in front of you hovering, not touching the ground) Do this with no limit intended, until failure. 

Smith machine; put 35 lbs on each side and put a mat on the ground. Rest your knees on the mat and position yourself with the bar on your back and do a “mini half squat” but while you’re still on your knees. 12 reps for three sets.

Squat rack; using just the bar, position it in a front squat position and go until failure for three rounds. 

Cool Down:

-Sometimes I will go do 20-30 minutes of the Stairmaster after if I really want to push myself and sweat a little more

-Stretch and roll out

There you have it! These are my top favorite workouts that I have proven myself to see results! If you have any questions feel free to message me on my Instagram, @kristensiciliano, or shoot me an email I will gladly give you some more info!



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