2017 Recap

Three hundred and Sixty Five Days.

Each one of those days in a year is an opportunity to start something new, better yourself, and create a healthier you. 2017 brought many amazing things into my life, so I am taking the time today to recap for you the greatest memories that this past year has brought to me.

This year has made me feel like one of the luckiest girls alive. So many blessings were sent my way, with one of the best being my boyfriend, Zach, coming home from his nine month deployment. Zach surprised me, at work, an entire month earlier than anticipated. This also allowed him to be home for my 20th birthday, and spend my first time on an airplane together; as my birthday present was a trip to the Florida Keys.

During the month of May, I also was able to participate on the Steve Harvey show and ask him a question regarding my “coffee addiction.” (LOL)

As if life couldn’t get any better, it did. I was given an amazing opportunity to become the owner of a brand new, 2017 Chevy Cruze in the color white. This moment was so surreal, I just wanted to entire world to feel the love I was feeling.

While receiving my new car was an extreme blessing to me, it was also a major blessing in disguise when I decided to pick up, and move down to Savannah, GA so that Zach and I didn’t have to be in a long distance relationship anymore. While the move itself was difficult at first being so far away from all of my best friends, and family, I am living with the love of my life and my new car allows us to drive safely back and forth to Chicago from Savannah whenever we have an available weekend.

After being in Savannah for just a few months I was able to find friends, an amazing part time job, and a University. 2017 brought an insane amount of amazing opportunities and new blessings into my life that I cannot be more thrilled to see what 2018 has in store for me.

Wishing many blessings, and lots of love in your 2018 Xx



COVERGIRL Holiday VoxBox Review

Yesterday I was lucky enough to receive my first COVERGIRL Holiday VoxBox from Influenster, and I was absolutely astounded by the products that were sent to me! When I first opened the box, I found three beautiful products shining up at me.

The first product that I picked up out of the box was the COVERGIRL Melting Pout Metallics Liquid Lipstick. Mine came in the color 24 Carat, which is a bronze, deep golden color that has a slight metallic hue to its undertones, making it a perfect New Years Eve color! The applicator is a plush-like tip with soft bristles making application super soft.

“High-impact, super rich color, in an intensely pigmented creamy gel formula                    for flexible wear; never stiff, sticky or tacky.” – Covergirl.com

You can purchase this rich formula for yourself, here!

Up next in the box, I picked up the COVERGIRL TruNaked Smoky Kit Palette. The first thing that caught my eye about this palette was how similar the colors look to the Naked Smoky Palette. After testing out the different colors, I was shocked at how pigmented the colors were! Such a great dupe! This palette follows along with the Holiday sparkle theme with every color containing some sparkle in it. This palette is perfect for travel with its small size, and is also super affordable! You can get your hands on this palette here!

Finally, the final piece that was in the box was the COVERGIRL Lid Lock Up primer. I am a freak about primers so this was a God-sent gift to me! This primer promises to give you “all-day, crease-proof shadow security” -Covergirl.com, and is a quick drying formula that dries clear for a smooth application process. This primer also pairs perfectly with the TruNaked Smoky Palette that also came in the box! You can pick up this primer, here!

This holiday VoxBox was such a blessing to receive, and I am so thankful for all of the products that were sent my way.


Intro YouTube Video Tops

Zara Pink fuzzy top 

Similar to the Forever 21 ribbed criss cross back sweater: here and here 

Similar to cold shoulder, turtleneck knit sweater: here

Similar to my Forever 21 New Years Eve metallic crop: here

Basic Pink ribbed long sleeve: here

These are mostly similar due to the fact that most of these items were bought during last years season, however I want you to use this video as a guide to my style and basics of what Lipstick N Lattes is made of! Thank you to everyone who watched my video and if you haven’t yet you can view It here!

Welcome To Lipsticknlattes!


Glossier Moisturizer Review

If you are new to my blog, then you should know one thing: as much as I love wearing a cake-face of makeup, skincare is KEY ladies and gents! When I recently ran out of my Vivier Lexxel moisturizer that I have been using for about a year now, and went through maybe four containers of(?) *well worth it!!* I decided that my skin needed a change. For whatever reason my skin was looking dull, and I felt that I had a tiny bit of redness coming back onto my face; which is something that Lexxel had cured in the past. Needed something fresh and new, I decided why not stick with a brand name that ends the same way as Vivier, so I chose Glossier.

After doing some research, I chose to go with the Priming Moisturizer Rich moisturizer! I ordered this in the midst of all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday shoppers and I still received this product within a week of ordering it! *Great customer service!* That night that I received it I took it out of the packaging, (Which is super cute!) I washed my face, used my eye cream, and then the next step was to apply this brand new moisturizer! At first glance, this is a thick cream that applies smooth, and even. It thins out as you spread it along your face, and you realize that a little bit can actually go a long way! The scent of this is almost like a eucalyptus, lavender scent that is perfect and calming for right before bed. (The scent is boyfriend approved too!) The website states that it is made with Lavender Oil for “skin-calming properties.”

This moisturizer states that it is created with an “Anti-Redness Complex and Oxygenating Agent” which is one of the key reasons I purchased this moisturizer, and after a week of usage so far I can say that my redness has gone down, my skin looks plump and moisturized, and my face is glowing. (Don’t forget your neck too!) This formula states that it is a non-greasy formula, however I do disagree and feel that your face and hands feel slightly greasy after applying, however this is something that I like because my skin feels hydrated and coated with moisturizer, rather than feeling still dry after applying. Overall, I give this moisturizer a 10/10 performance for living up to its anti-redness complex, and for extremely moisturizing my skin.



My outfit of the night was perfect for a seminar that Zach and I attended that was about real estate and investing! Super cozy too for this December rain! 

This scarf is absolutely amazing and SO cozy!! I always get compliments on It and everyone thinks it’s a sweater! I cannot find this scarf online because I bought this about two years ago in store, however I’m linking some similar ones here, here, and here

You can find my jeans: here

My top: here

Shoes are sold out, however you can find similar ones in my post Shoes Of The Day! 

Belt can be found: here

Not pictured are my gold teardrop hoop earrings which can be found here