Glossier Moisturizer Review

If you are new to my blog, then you should know one thing: as much as I love wearing a cake-face of makeup, skincare is KEY ladies and gents! When I recently ran out of my Vivier Lexxel moisturizer that I have been using for about a year now, and went through maybe four containers of(?) *well worth it!!* I decided that my skin needed a change. For whatever reason my skin was looking dull, and I felt that I had a tiny bit of redness coming back onto my face; which is something that Lexxel had cured in the past. Needed something fresh and new, I decided why not stick with a brand name that ends the same way as Vivier, so I chose Glossier.

After doing some research, I chose to go with the Priming Moisturizer Rich moisturizer! I ordered this in the midst of all of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday holiday shoppers and I still received this product within a week of ordering it! *Great customer service!* That night that I received it I took it out of the packaging, (Which is super cute!) I washed my face, used my eye cream, and then the next step was to apply this brand new moisturizer! At first glance, this is a thick cream that applies smooth, and even. It thins out as you spread it along your face, and you realize that a little bit can actually go a long way! The scent of this is almost like a eucalyptus, lavender scent that is perfect and calming for right before bed. (The scent is boyfriend approved too!) The website states that it is made with Lavender Oil for “skin-calming properties.”

This moisturizer states that it is created with an “Anti-Redness Complex and Oxygenating Agent” which is one of the key reasons I purchased this moisturizer, and after a week of usage so far I can say that my redness has gone down, my skin looks plump and moisturized, and my face is glowing. (Don’t forget your neck too!) This formula states that it is a non-greasy formula, however I do disagree and feel that your face and hands feel slightly greasy after applying, however this is something that I like because my skin feels hydrated and coated with moisturizer, rather than feeling still dry after applying. Overall, I give this moisturizer a 10/10 performance for living up to its anti-redness complex, and for extremely moisturizing my skin.



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