Unique Men’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

I believe in love. I believe in butterflies in your stomach, and someone who is out there made just for you. Valentine’s Day has always been my favorite holiday because I just love, love. 

When my boyfriend and I first began dating, we were a long distance couple for about nine months while Zach was deployed in the Army. When he came home, we were able to begin our “honeymoon” phase of being together 24/7 and loving having each other around all of the time.

To this day, Zach and I continue to make everyday feel like it is Valentine’s Day with the amount of love and support we bring each other. Leaving little “Good morning, beautiful” notes on the counter for me to wake up to, and even something such as cleaning the entire house before he gets home from work to have a relaxing home to come home to. Zach works so hard everyday to support me and our home, so shopping for him is always a no brainer; he deserves the best!

With the real Valentine’s Day being right around the corner, I just couldn’t resist giving him his present early! Anyone who knows someone in the Army knows how important it is for them to be punctual. Due to this, Zach is always wearing a watch around his wrist; so after doing some research, I discovered the best men’s watch!

What attracted my attention to this unique watch was the masculine appeal it gives off with its wooden features! The entire watch is made out of sleek, dark wood that is wearable for either every day outfits, or dressing up for a night out! The wood watch also has double clasps that open up wide enough for hands to easily slide through, and then close the clasps for a perfect fit on the wrists.

The sleek design also packs great quality, with a sturdy feel that allows you to move without worrying about the watch falling off, and lightweight enough that your wrist doesn’t feel weighed down.

You can shop the exact watch by clicking here: Zach’s Watch

Or you can browse through tons of other amazing, sleek wood watches by clicking this link here: JORD Watches

To save YOU some shopping struggles, if you are unsure about what to get your loved one (they make women’s watches too!!) for Valentine’s Day, you can enter in a special giveaway to win a $100 credit coupon code to use towards your very own, JORD Watch!

ALL entrants will win a 10% off code just for entering!! The coupon codes will expire on February 11th, 2018 and the giveaway ends on January 28th, at 11:59 P.M!  

Enter by clicking here: GIVEAWAY! 

Or you can enter by clicking the link in my Instagram bio!

Everyone deserves to feel loved on Valentine’s Day, so why not show your loved one just how special they really are?


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