Water You Waiting For?

Ladies, are you taking the time to hydrate your skin everyday with your favorite moisturizer and not really noticing a difference? Or are you washing your face everyday, doing what you should, and your skin continues to look dull, and blah?


Water is one of my biggest secret weapons when it comes to good skin care, and feeling your best daily. Drinking enough water and staying hydrated to your bodies’ needs is one of the key factors to ensuring a healthy glow from within. Whether or not you have a daily morning routine, I encourage you to sleep with a big cup of water next to you, so when you wake up you have a nice, giant glass to refresh, and wake you up! I also have read, long ago, that it is important in the morning to make sure that you drink room temperature water to regulate your organs inside, and your internal thermostat. This has been proven true for me at least, because if I drink water straight out of a cold fridge in the morning I will have the chills, and be freezing until I finish my cup of coffee!

*Try this!* Every morning try squeezing a half of a lemon into a glass full of water, and add in a tiny pinch of Pink Himalayan salt. This is a natural electrolyte drink that will get your brain going, (from the sodium in the Himalayan salt) and have you feeling hydrated and ready to take on the day; focused.

Throughout the day it can be difficult to stay hydrated while you go on with your routine, which is why I recommend carrying a big, insulated water bottle around everywhere you go that is always full of water so you can stay hydrated!

Your skin will be clearer, more glowing, full of color and you’ll feel more awake! The toxins will all be flushed out of your body and you will feel refreshed and rejuvenated. You can find your daily recommended water intake here!


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