Are you rollin’ with the new trend? *get it*

JADE ROLLING is all the hype right now and all I can say is I hopped on this bandwagon real quick. First off, the beautiful packaging got me, second, I bought mine on Amazon for $8, (which is about average) so how could I pass this up?

TO BEGIN, the benefits of rolling your face every, single, day (consistency is KEY ladies and gents) are insane.

-De-puffs morning skin

-Bye dark circles

-Glowing complexion

-tighter, smaller pores

-increase blood circulation

-reduce fine lines

(sourced at instyle.com)

SHALL I go on?

Anyways, I started Jade rolling my face every morning and every night after using my daily moisturizers and toners, and the difference in my skin after simply one WEEK is uncanny. I am a full faced makeup kind of girl, and my skin was SO glowy all week that I didn’t wear makeup a single day. NOT. ONE. DROP. I’m a believer in this, and you should be too. After adding Jade rolling into my skincare routine, I almost look forward to the relaxing, cooling sensation gliding across my face every morning and every night. The results speak for themselves.

Don’t forget to always have a clean face while using, unless you are using it to push in healthy products for your skin, example: your moisturizer. Also, don’t forget to roll your neck as well! NEVER FORGET!

CLICK HERE to pick up your very own Jade Roller.


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