The Truth Behind The Move

Moving to Savannah, GA is not something I regret, and it is not something that I ever will regret. “What brought you, a Chicago girl, all the way down HERE to Savannah?” (A question I get CONSTANTLY) “My boyfriend is stationed here in the military” I reply to them, “Oh, THAT explains it” they snidely remark as they either roll their eyes and laugh, or try to “give me advice” not to get married young because “that is SO typical with military men.”

This is a weekly, sometimes every couple days conversation that people think is actually acceptable to say to me. I have no shame in moving my life down to Savannah to be able to live happily with my man in uniform.

Before my move, during the preparation I actually had a few people who I had before considered “friends” try to get me to second guess my choice; and to my friends who supported me, and continue to 100% are the ones who helped me stay strong, and mean more than they know to me.

With that being said, I will always put a smile on my face and show the world that I am happy, because being with Zach makes me the happiest girl in the universe, however my time out here, alone, is not always sunshine. I’ve never been away from home before, with the exception of weekend getaways. My sister, and my mom are two of my best friends in the entire world, and my life was up in Chicago. I left everything, dropped everything, and quit everything to move my world down to Savannah to start a new chapter of my life. I grew up in a home with five, sometimes six other people always around, making noise, and filling the silent void in the big house. Down here, is new and different. Different in a good way but also frightening. I’ve cried for no reason, gotten angry with Zach for no reason, and called my mom to talk for no reason. I’ve also, however, laughed for no reason, smiled for no reason, and love Zach for ALL of the reasons, and that is when I remember why I came here. Love makes you do crazy things; and in retrospect, I would have never experienced the things I have while out here if I hadn’t taken that risk.

Savannah is a beautiful city in its own way. When I first moved here I remember actually laughing at the fact that Savannah is a “city.” When I think city, I think tall skyscrapers, air pollution, taxis everywhere and loud noises. Savannah is peaceful, full of history and breathtaking. It opened my eyes that things can be different, and that is ok.

Zach leaves for PT every morning at 5:30 AM and for the first few months, he didn’t know this, but I would find it so difficult to fall back asleep after he left and I would lay in bed on my phone wondering how I was going to fill the day with having nothing to do, and knowing no one. I refused to allow myself to get depressed by sulking in my thoughts (because I have a tendency to do that).

Posting on Instagram and tagging the hashtag #SavannahBlogger allowed me to get in touch with some really great, inspiring women who began inviting me to events and dinners and that meant so much. I also began working and met some of the greatest people that I would have never crossed paths with if I hadn’t ever moved out here.

Moving here over the summer also meant that I had to get moving and find a school, get accepted, and register for classes. With time just moving a little too quickly, I ended up taking online classes with my college back in Chicago, until this semester rolled around and I was able to get accepted, and registered to a school in Savannah to continue working towards my bachelors degree.

Basically, a LOT has changed in my life in less than a year, and it has been stressful and the unknown is always terrifying but I’m getting through it; and YOU will get through whatever it is you are going through. Spending all of this time to myself is something that I feel everyone needs to go through, as much as I hate being alone. I have become more in tune with my body, understanding that sometimes when I get too stressed, my chest gets tight and my body tries fighting an anxiety attack. This teaches me to take a break and just breathe. I also am learning that if something is not to your liking, you have to speak up, because no one can read your mind unless you tell them how you feel.

I’m human, and so is everyone else. The decisions that I make are what I want in my life, and I will always stand behind what I believe in. Zach does an amazing job of making me feel at home, and is always there to listen when I’m feeling homesick or have something on my mind. I could never stay this strong being so far away from friends and family without his love and support and that is what truly means the most.


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