Taco Sunday

Sunday Brunching is a HUGE sport here in Savannah; I would know being a bartender who works at a bar that serves bottomless mimosas and Bloody Marys every Sunday.

However, when you work until 2 A.M the night before and finally have a Sunday morning off, you sleep in and go for some Vegan tacos instead, amirite ladies?

My friend, Gabby and I decided to have a late Sunday lunch at an adorable Savannah cafe called Kayak Kafè. First off let me start with the menu and how HUGE It is! I was amazed! From appetizers, tacos, burritos, paninis, even cocktails, beer, AND desserts!

It took me forever to pick, but finally I decided on the Black bean, mushroom and spinach tacos and I added tofu!

I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a meal so quickly in my life! *heart eyes*

If you are a Savannah local, or just passing through, I would highly recommend! The food came out quickly, and for the price of the food you get way more than expected; and It is filling! (I had to ask for a box for my last taco I was SO full!) Also, everything is extremely healthy!

You can shop my Sunday tacos outfit here:

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Nike Shoes

Target Leggings

Zara Bucket Bag

Fashion Nova Tube Top



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