But like, how great is vintage ladies?

Vintage is so amazing because you can get a glimpse into the fashion world of times before, while incorporating that piece into todays fashions; which is SO great.

I had the amazing opportunity to attend the grand opening party of the hip, new vintage shop in Savannah called East + Up. East + Up carries beautiful vintage pieces that were collected from the store owner after years of having an eye for the best pieces. Some items are kept the way they were found, and others have their own little East + Up twist added to them, making them unique items that you cannot find anywhere else.

It doesn’t just stop at the clothing though… you can find beautiful, on-trend earrings, necklaces, organic bug spray (!!!!!), and even sage! (Which I did pick up to cleanse my home with!)

The space of the shop is located in an old apartment, which helps give the vintage vibes an extra boost too. I fell in love with SO many pieces, and was especially drawn to the many vintage t-shirts that have famous rock bands, school names, and brand names all over them. I also had such a hard time picking out my favorite pair of jean shorts because they were all just way too cute!

My head was spinning with thinking about how cute so many of those short and t-shirt combos would look at the many music festivals summer has to offer!

The store owner also owns a popular clothing store right down the street from East + Up, called Mamie Ruth! Which you can shop clicking here!

If you are a Savannah local, or plan on making a trip to Savannah for a weekend anytime, I HIGHLY recommend checking out this new Savannah gem! I had such a wonderful time, and cannot wait to return to do ALL the summer clothes shopping!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram also @east.and.up to see all things vintage!



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