Just like any other girl who’s into fashion out there, when I first discovered SheIn, my senses were ALL over the place. “Is this really only $5?!” “Will all of my credit card information be stolen off of this site?” and “Will these pieces look the same in person as they do online?”

Many of you were super intrigued when I posted my huge SheIn haul, and wanted to hear some feedback after I received my items!


Shipping took about two weeks for this order to come in, and I believe it is due to the fact that a dress that I ordered was out of stock, so they gave me online credit for it. I received the email saying that the dress was out of stock about a week after putting in my order, and immediately after that, my order status said shipped!


Everything in my order came in all together, in the same bag, which I highly appreciated! I was worried that some of my smaller things, such as the earrings and bracelets that I ordered would come in separate bags each, but nope! Everything came separately packaged but in the same bag, making it super neatly organized.

Is It Safe…

YES! This girl still uses PayPal though whenever I shop online, however, there is a little lock in the top of the website screen, and Secure written, so you can safely shop your heart out knowing that your information is in a safe place.

What is the quality like…

So far on everything that I have received, the quality is just as great as something you would get from Forever 21 or H&M! My jewelry that I ordered is all nothing but amazing quality. You would NEVER know that I got the earrings that I did for only $4!! No complaints here at all though, for the price of everything I got, everything is still super wearable and adorable!

Would you order again…

Being that I had my credit from the dress that I initially ordered but they were out of stock, I used it immediately and ordered a few more things that I will update this blog with! I am super excited to receive those items in the mail now as well! I will definitely be a SheIn regular from now on!

I highly recommend this website to women who love fashion, and women who change up their style a lot (hint hint, this girl!) I feel like with every season change, I’m always ready for the next, new thing in my wardrobe, so buying super cheap, but adorable clothing is absolutely right up my alley.

You can check out the website for yourself here,

If you want to shop my exact looks you can find them here…

SHEIN Frilled Crop Crinkle Top & Shorts Set

Fan Shaped Fringe Tassel Drop Earrings

USA Flag Print Crop Tee

Pink Pearl Coin Bangles

Rhinestone Detail Tassel Drop Earrings

Shirring Bandeau Top

Coffee Cup Print Varsity Striped Pullover

Fringe Tassel Drop Earrings


SheIn Coffee Shirt

SheIn is one of the top websites that makes everyone believe it’s too good to be true; when in reality, if you’re willing to wait 3-4 weeks for shipping, it’s everything you imagined!

This top is only $8!!!!!!

Did you hear me I said $8!!!!!!

That’s literally insane and I couldn’t ask for more. I will say that It does run small so I do recommend sizing up! I’m wearing a size small and I wanted this to be a bigger/baggier type shirt, and the sleeves are short on me and It would be a crop top if I lifted both arms! This girl is NOT complaining though, I’m loving every piece of my order!

More try ons from my order to come!

Coffee Long Sleeve


Adidas Shoes



Let me just start out by saying, LONG DISTANCE CAN WORK PEOPLE!! 

The words “long distance” used to scare the shit out of me. I was always the girl that said she would never do distance, ever. While that thought quickly changed when Zach came into my life, and that right there is all it takes. You find the one who’s worth working through the distance. The one who makes you change your mind completely and say, “long distance, love that girl,” because although there is a distance between you and your significant other, in the end you still have that person in your life.

Zach and I started out as a long distance couple, so while some might say that we had the easier route than those who have been together for some time and forced to go long distance, others might not see it that way. I knew Zach, but I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what foods he liked, or what little things made him smile, and this is all relevant for what I am going to share with you! We also did long distance through different time zones, which is not something that you (at least I didn’t?) don’t think about until you’re apart. This is something that is definitely a struggle at first, because while you’re waking up, they are going to sleep! However, you find ways to make it work! The distance made our relationship exciting because we got to know each other on a true, personal level. We had no physical way of getting to know each other *ahem*, so instead we spent hours, actual hours, on FaceTime just talking. The more time went on, the deeper the conversations got, and the better the connection between us got. Long distance allows you to have a connection with someone that is truly unexplainable.

Zach was deployed during our long distance time, hence the reason we were long distance! To keep it interesting I used to look on Pinterest for ideas of things to send him (within military boundaries!) that would let him know that I truly cared for him; so I found the idea to send him themed care packages. This goes back to what I said earlier when I didn’t know what he liked, because this can actually be quite difficult when you want to send someone a box FULL of items!

Knowing Zach now, I probably would’ve skipped a LOT of the candy I sent him *oops!* because I now know that he is not the biggest sweets eater! But, it’s the thought that counts, right? He was always appreciative of everything I sent him, and vice versa!

We kept it interesting by not telling each other when we would send a package so it would be a surprise.  One time while I was at work, texting Zach (sorry, deployed boyfriend means not knowing the next time you’ll talk again!) saying that I was hungry and within about 20 minutes a delivery man showed up at my job with food that Zach ordered for me online, all the way from where he was stationed! This is what keeps long distance fun, and exciting!

Communication is key, which is true for any relationship, long distance or not, however you have to really put everything out there when you’re apart from each other. You only have a short amount of time before your time for the day is up, especially with a deployed significant other, so don’t be afraid to show your true colors.

Finally, the best part of long distance, seeing each other after all of that time in person! When Zach surprised me at work, and kept it a secret that he was coming home early, I have never felt more of a rush, shock, and excitement all at once. When you’re finally together, all of the waiting, writing, packages, FaceTime, and texting makes it ALL worth it to just be in that person’s arms, at the same place, in the same time zone. For Zach and I, it was only about nine months apart, and while others may have a shorter, or longer time frame, I’m here to say that you can do it, and you will make it! Stay optimistic and strong, and when you’re in a relationship with someone who is worth the distance, you will find any way to make it work.


Little ‘Ole Lucky Me

Luck is something that I feel people either say they have, or they don’t. People believe that they are just born with a lucky lifestyle, or they feel that the entire world is against them their entire life. I disagree with this way of thinking for many reasons.

There is soo much luck in this world that we, as humans, share everyday!

I, for one, feel that I am so lucky for many reasons.

My Family…

My family has always been extremely supportive of everything I do, especially when I told them that I was moving to Savannah, GA to live with my boyfriend who is stationed here for the military.

My mom is always so willing to help me with whatever questions I have, whether they are about school, medical, and even day to day things, she will always immediately pick up the phone and find the answers I need. THAT is something that I am SO grateful for.

My sister, who is also my best friend is ALWAYS (and when I say always, I mean ALWAYS) up and ready for me if I need to vent or talk about anything. She always boosts my mood when I’m having a not so great day, and she just gets me. We have this special bond that no one else understands, ever. We can finish each other’s sentences, and even understand each other’s thoughts just with either a few words or a specific action. I am SO lucky to have someone like her in my life.

My Health…

Health is something that is SO important, as we all know, and with that I am so beyond thankful to have grown up in a home where fruits and veggies were the norm for meals, and daily exercise was something that my siblings and I were all taught at such a young age. Your health can provide so many benefits to your life when you take care of yourself, and this is something that I stress to everyone who is in my life! Drink your water, get your exercise in, eat your veggies, and take care of your skin!


I cannot stress to you enough how amazingly lucky I feel to have found someone so amazing. When your love life is on point, you find so many other pieces of your life just start to flow. Zach makes love SO easy and I am so grateful for all of the little moments that we cherish together. We can make a night in, cuddling on the couch feel exactly the same as a night dressed up, and going out for dinner. It doesn’t matter what we do, or where we are, he just continues to make me the happiest girl in the world, and that is all the luck I truly need.

My Friends…

Without the support, and love from my friends I would’ve never been able to easily make any important decisions in my life. My friends are my rocks, and for that I thank them for the constant check ins, “I miss you’s” and the fact that we can go weeks without talking with one another and we can still pick up exactly where we left off. Find you a group of friends you can rely on, and trust, and you will have friends for life.

Luck is something that I feel everyone carry’s a little bit of. No one on this earth has all the luck, we all can be a little lucky if you just look on the bright side, and realize who you truly have in your life.


Outfit Details:

Off the Shoulder Top

Denim Skirt in the color Light Denim

Stripes and Sails Essie Nail Polish

Hoop Earrings


This blog post is dedicated to the girl/guy who wakes up early and gets their workout in because they’ll be hard on themselves if they don’t, and to the girl/guy who is stressing about school/work/whatever it is that stresses humans out, and to the girl/guy who doesn’t give themselves enough credit for all of the amazing, small accomplishments you do everyday.

In life, if you’re like me, then you chose to make others feel the way you want to feel. You put others first, and are often caught talking yourself out of doing something for YOU simply because you think the price is too much, or it will take too much time, or most importantly, how will others view me if I do this?

When I say these things, I’m referring to treating yourself every once in a while. I recently had a friend come to me asking my opinion on a certain cosmetic service that she wants to get done but isn’t sure about the maintenance, and the price. We then, after I told her that she should 100% do it, got onto the topic of how we never do enough for ourselves nowadays, and that is important to know. The reason I immediately said that she needs to get this into her schedule immediately is because although the price may be up there, and it does require keeping up with, I find that sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with daily life that we put what we want to do for ourselves on the back burner simply because we can’t justify it.

I challenge you to JUSTIFY it.

In the past I have lightly touched on the fact that I feel I have had slight anxiety my whole life. When I open my mind to this realization, all of those sleepless nights in high school, physically making myself sick, shakes, passing out from fatigue, from overthinking and getting my heart rate worked up is all this anxiety that I always brushed off as not getting enough sleep, or not eating enough. Moving to a new state, miles away from my home, has opened up this realization and I am learning how to handle anxiety, while also finding ways to prevent it.

I started booking hair appointments, and nail appointments, because although I am not one to typically like to spend my money on services for myself, it relaxes me, and I feel good.

The other day, Zach and I got a couples massage as our Valentine’s Day present to each other, and we decided that we should start doing that more. It is important to take care of yourself, and as much as media drills into your head that “eating healthy, and working out is important” (It 10000% is important!!) however, we rarely hear anyone reminding us that mental health is what is really key to being happy.

I’m not trying to say that spending money is the key to happiness either, what I AM trying to get through to you, reading this blog, is that it is ok to do things for yourself every once in a while, and NOT feel bad about it! Do things for you, and you will start seeing that it is easier to do things for others. I promise.

You only get ONE body, so take care of it. Why spend life anxious and worried all of the time? #TreatYoSelf


Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket

(Working on finding a similar bag! I found this at TJ Maxx and I couldn’t resist!)


Tory Burch Flats