This blog post is dedicated to the girl/guy who wakes up early and gets their workout in because they’ll be hard on themselves if they don’t, and to the girl/guy who is stressing about school/work/whatever it is that stresses humans out, and to the girl/guy who doesn’t give themselves enough credit for all of the amazing, small accomplishments you do everyday.

In life, if you’re like me, then you chose to make others feel the way you want to feel. You put others first, and are often caught talking yourself out of doing something for YOU simply because you think the price is too much, or it will take too much time, or most importantly, how will others view me if I do this?

When I say these things, I’m referring to treating yourself every once in a while. I recently had a friend come to me asking my opinion on a certain cosmetic service that she wants to get done but isn’t sure about the maintenance, and the price. We then, after I told her that she should 100% do it, got onto the topic of how we never do enough for ourselves nowadays, and that is important to know. The reason I immediately said that she needs to get this into her schedule immediately is because although the price may be up there, and it does require keeping up with, I find that sometimes we can get so overwhelmed with daily life that we put what we want to do for ourselves on the back burner simply because we can’t justify it.

I challenge you to JUSTIFY it.

In the past I have lightly touched on the fact that I feel I have had slight anxiety my whole life. When I open my mind to this realization, all of those sleepless nights in high school, physically making myself sick, shakes, passing out from fatigue, from overthinking and getting my heart rate worked up is all this anxiety that I always brushed off as not getting enough sleep, or not eating enough. Moving to a new state, miles away from my home, has opened up this realization and I am learning how to handle anxiety, while also finding ways to prevent it.

I started booking hair appointments, and nail appointments, because although I am not one to typically like to spend my money on services for myself, it relaxes me, and I feel good.

The other day, Zach and I got a couples massage as our Valentine’s Day present to each other, and we decided that we should start doing that more. It is important to take care of yourself, and as much as media drills into your head that “eating healthy, and working out is important” (It 10000% is important!!) however, we rarely hear anyone reminding us that mental health is what is really key to being happy.

I’m not trying to say that spending money is the key to happiness either, what I AM trying to get through to you, reading this blog, is that it is ok to do things for yourself every once in a while, and NOT feel bad about it! Do things for you, and you will start seeing that it is easier to do things for others. I promise.

You only get ONE body, so take care of it. Why spend life anxious and worried all of the time? #TreatYoSelf


Outfit Details:

Jean Jacket

(Working on finding a similar bag! I found this at TJ Maxx and I couldn’t resist!)


Tory Burch Flats


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