Let me just start out by saying, LONG DISTANCE CAN WORK PEOPLE!! 

The words “long distance” used to scare the shit out of me. I was always the girl that said she would never do distance, ever. While that thought quickly changed when Zach came into my life, and that right there is all it takes. You find the one who’s worth working through the distance. The one who makes you change your mind completely and say, “long distance, love that girl,” because although there is a distance between you and your significant other, in the end you still have that person in your life.

Zach and I started out as a long distance couple, so while some might say that we had the easier route than those who have been together for some time and forced to go long distance, others might not see it that way. I knew Zach, but I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what foods he liked, or what little things made him smile, and this is all relevant for what I am going to share with you! We also did long distance through different time zones, which is not something that you (at least I didn’t?) don’t think about until you’re apart. This is something that is definitely a struggle at first, because while you’re waking up, they are going to sleep! However, you find ways to make it work! The distance made our relationship exciting because we got to know each other on a true, personal level. We had no physical way of getting to know each other *ahem*, so instead we spent hours, actual hours, on FaceTime just talking. The more time went on, the deeper the conversations got, and the better the connection between us got. Long distance allows you to have a connection with someone that is truly unexplainable.

Zach was deployed during our long distance time, hence the reason we were long distance! To keep it interesting I used to look on Pinterest for ideas of things to send him (within military boundaries!) that would let him know that I truly cared for him; so I found the idea to send him themed care packages. This goes back to what I said earlier when I didn’t know what he liked, because this can actually be quite difficult when you want to send someone a box FULL of items!

Knowing Zach now, I probably would’ve skipped a LOT of the candy I sent him *oops!* because I now know that he is not the biggest sweets eater! But, it’s the thought that counts, right? He was always appreciative of everything I sent him, and vice versa!

We kept it interesting by not telling each other when we would send a package so it would be a surprise.  One time while I was at work, texting Zach (sorry, deployed boyfriend means not knowing the next time you’ll talk again!) saying that I was hungry and within about 20 minutes a delivery man showed up at my job with food that Zach ordered for me online, all the way from where he was stationed! This is what keeps long distance fun, and exciting!

Communication is key, which is true for any relationship, long distance or not, however you have to really put everything out there when you’re apart from each other. You only have a short amount of time before your time for the day is up, especially with a deployed significant other, so don’t be afraid to show your true colors.

Finally, the best part of long distance, seeing each other after all of that time in person! When Zach surprised me at work, and kept it a secret that he was coming home early, I have never felt more of a rush, shock, and excitement all at once. When you’re finally together, all of the waiting, writing, packages, FaceTime, and texting makes it ALL worth it to just be in that person’s arms, at the same place, in the same time zone. For Zach and I, it was only about nine months apart, and while others may have a shorter, or longer time frame, I’m here to say that you can do it, and you will make it! Stay optimistic and strong, and when you’re in a relationship with someone who is worth the distance, you will find any way to make it work.


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