Just like any other girl who’s into fashion out there, when I first discovered SheIn, my senses were ALL over the place. “Is this really only $5?!” “Will all of my credit card information be stolen off of this site?” and “Will these pieces look the same in person as they do online?”

Many of you were super intrigued when I posted my huge SheIn haul, and wanted to hear some feedback after I received my items!


Shipping took about two weeks for this order to come in, and I believe it is due to the fact that a dress that I ordered was out of stock, so they gave me online credit for it. I received the email saying that the dress was out of stock about a week after putting in my order, and immediately after that, my order status said shipped!


Everything in my order came in all together, in the same bag, which I highly appreciated! I was worried that some of my smaller things, such as the earrings and bracelets that I ordered would come in separate bags each, but nope! Everything came separately packaged but in the same bag, making it super neatly organized.

Is It Safe…

YES! This girl still uses PayPal though whenever I shop online, however, there is a little lock in the top of the website screen, and Secure written, so you can safely shop your heart out knowing that your information is in a safe place.

What is the quality like…

So far on everything that I have received, the quality is just as great as something you would get from Forever 21 or H&M! My jewelry that I ordered is all nothing but amazing quality. You would NEVER know that I got the earrings that I did for only $4!! No complaints here at all though, for the price of everything I got, everything is still super wearable and adorable!

Would you order again…

Being that I had my credit from the dress that I initially ordered but they were out of stock, I used it immediately and ordered a few more things that I will update this blog with! I am super excited to receive those items in the mail now as well! I will definitely be a SheIn regular from now on!

I highly recommend this website to women who love fashion, and women who change up their style a lot (hint hint, this girl!) I feel like with every season change, I’m always ready for the next, new thing in my wardrobe, so buying super cheap, but adorable clothing is absolutely right up my alley.

You can check out the website for yourself here,

If you want to shop my exact looks you can find them here…

SHEIN Frilled Crop Crinkle Top & Shorts Set

Fan Shaped Fringe Tassel Drop Earrings

USA Flag Print Crop Tee

Pink Pearl Coin Bangles

Rhinestone Detail Tassel Drop Earrings

Shirring Bandeau Top

Coffee Cup Print Varsity Striped Pullover

Fringe Tassel Drop Earrings

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