Alright ladies… lets get PHYSICAL!

If you’ve been following me for a while now then you know what a HUGE workout fanatic I am! I have always loved fitness, growing up in a home with a mother who was a fitness instructor for a huge health club, seeing her wake up early, go workout after her day job; making NO excuses!!

She has always been my inspiration, and the reason behind my healthy habits!

After working at a health club for almost five years, and actually working out since I was 12, (that was the age you were allowed to workout at, at the health club I worked at!) I have tried my fair share of different workouts. I’ve done the extreme bulking where I ONLY lifted, and lifted HEAVY. I’ve tried the simply cardio queen, treadmill and stair master workouts. I’ve done yoga, pilates, used TRX bands, resistance bands, only worked out lower body, only did body weight… point is, I’VE DONE A LOT!

Now before I start, I am in NO way a certified trainer, affiliated with any specific program, or have the ability to tell people what to do in order to achieve their goals. Because let me be real with you, every single body on this planet is going to be different and different workouts are going to please different people. I AM making this blog post, however, to inform you on what I have found works for MY body, and I want to share my results with you.

Now that we have that out of the way, LETS GET WERKIN!

Lets start with Legs…

I do have an entire leg day workout posted on the blog that you can find clicking here, Booty Building Workout. Leg day typically lands on Monday for me, however you pick and choose which body parts you want to be sore for what days of the week.

Something that isn’t in there is I love to use bands on my legs and do side steps, and also some side leg lifts while you’re holding yourself in a side plank! (these kill!)

I love to use light weights, and high reps. I’m not the kind of girl that wants bulk. Nothing against bulk, I just don’t need it in my thighs! So when you do those workouts, make sure you remember to go with whatever feels most comfortable to you!


I LOVE cardio. Who else can say that?

Recently, however, I have completely cut out running from my routine because I just can’t get into it and I never want to force myself to something I don’t want to do, however I still do mass amounts of cardio!

So twice a week I like to do major cardio days, and these consist of:

  • Squat jumps
  • Box jumps
  • Burpees (Trust me, they work!)
  • Push ups
  • Star Jumps
  • Mountain climbers
  • Step ups/ with a kick
  • Squat and press with light weights

These moves all get your heart going, all while burning calories naturally, while still working your muscles, and full body! It’s an amazing feeling to go through a few sets of these and just be dripping sweat.

Upper body…

ALWAYS WARM UP!! Do arm circles, lateral raises with 2 lb weights, stretch the arms out and backwards! Do NOT ever start an arm, or shoulder workout without warming up first!! You can injure yourself!

I love me some good, old fashioned, slow curls! I use 15 lb weights, however start with whatever you can, and don’t strain yourself! After the curls, I like to do some hammer curls with some lighter weight, and a quicker motion.

Incorporate some lateral raises with light weight for the shoulders, and then follow with raising the weight directly above the shoulders, above your head.

Don’t forget about triceps! You can do some body weight tricep dips off of a box, chair, or bench. Or you can position a cable at your shoulder height, and pulling it straight down in front of you to work those triceps! If you want to do the move where you hold the weight above your head and dip it behind you, for triceps, make sure that you are keeping your elbows in!! And go SLOW! You might need light weight for this!

For back, I LOVE to use the pull up assist machine, and knock out some assisted pull ups. (Not strong enough for non assisted!) Lateral pull downs using the bar, and the cable machine! Also, seated rows will be your best friend! Make sure to SQUEEZE that muscle!!


So recently I’ve learned that basic sit ups, and floor ab work is actually HORRIBLE for your spine! Who knew? So with that being said, I bought floor gliders, of which you can purchase my exact ones here, Floor Gliders! (I have the Pink!)

So basically you can do endless workouts with the gliders! Seriously, just go to Pinterest and type in Floor Glider Exercises and HUNDREDS of workouts will pop up! I switch it up daily!

I also love to do planks, and side planks to build up my abs!

Working out is my escape from the world, I seriously will be put in a bad mood for no reason at all and then remember it’s because I haven’t worked out in a while! When you enjoy the workouts you do, it makes it even more amazing too!

Also, if you have Spotify, I LOVE listening to the Cardio playlist while I workout, especially during a high intensity workout! Every song is super upbeat and different, keeping you focused on the music instead of your workout!

I ALSO know how important it is to stay HYDRATED during the workout as well, and lately I have been obsessed with Ten Spring Water! It has a perfect 10 pH, and doesn’t have that gross, metallic flavor that so many bottled waters have! If you’re in the South like me, you can pick it up at Publix, or Food Lion, however if you can’t make it to the store, or you live up North you can buy some here on Amazon! Ten Spring Water

Remember to always know your limits, and consistency is key to achieving your goals!!

Never give up!


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