Ladies, I want to see a raise of hands for all of you who have EVER sat down in the salon chair, and walked out unhappy?

(Did you raise your hand?)

You probably did, because as a woman, we know what we want but get bashful in the chair, and allow the artist to do whatever they please with your canvas.

Trust me, I have struggled with this BIG time trying to find the right person who just gets my hair.

Someone who can recommend products because they believe in them, and they know which ones will work for my hair, not because they want a commission.

When I first heard about 40 Volume Salon & Spa, here in Savannah, I was absolutely thrilled that some of my girlfriends absolutely adored Tyler, (my stylist now!!) and I wanted more info. I wanted to know if what I needed for my hair was going to be provided, and It most definitely is!

If you’re in the Savannah area, I HIGHLY recommend that you go see Tyler at 40 Volume Salon & Spa because he knows what your hair needs, what will work for you, and MAJOR… he will ACTUALLY keep your hair long if you ask him to! (HUGE!!)

I’ve found the holy grail of hairstylists, and my hair is thriving, and never looked better.


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