Ok, yes I understand that it is not officially fall, yet, BUT the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte came out the earliest it ever has today, which means if you enjoyed one on the launch date then you experienced history my friends.

Now, lets talk ladies (and gents?), the PSL gets a lot of “bad rep” for “not having real pumpkin in it,” and “containing tons of sugar and bad for you dyes,” like blah, blah, blah ok THANK YOU! I’m NOT here to get a healthy Pumpkin Spice? ok? Like, I am fully aware of how unhealthy this drink is for me, and I don’t need any of your negativity in my life bringing me down from the sugar rush I’m going to get after consuming one. Ok?

Now, lets talk about the IMMENSE ways that we can enjoy this beautiful creation, shall we?

You can go iced…

and when I say go iced, DON’T FORGET to ask for the straw-less lid for cold drinks!!! My coworker Miranda will tell you how many turtles you’re saving by doing so! It’s a small step to helping a big problem, and literally all you have to do is ask your barista for the different lid!

When you do an iced PSL, I sometimes like to hack it out a lil bit and instead of the iced actual latte, I’ll get an iced coffee, with almond milk (whatever milk you choose!) and then one or two pumps of pumpkin and it tastes exactly the same and is WAY less money than a full blown latte! I personally am not one for a sweet coffee drink anyways, so the PSL sauce is really all I need in there! (The real PSL comes with vanilla syrup in it as well!)

You can do a frapp…

Now, for the frapp, I recommend bringing your own reusable straw, since the straw-less lid will not work the same for the frapp as it will for an iced coffee/latte! Either bring your own cup and have them fill it, (you get $$$ OFF!!) or, just bring your own straw! (BYOS amirite?)

But you can never go wrong with the good ole’ classic Pumpkin Spice Latte…

I personally have to make some milk modifications, however gimme a good, hot PSL, and you have a happy blogger, who’s ready for fall.

Happy PSL season ladies!


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