Everything You Need To Know About Kristen by Zach Konstanzer

Hey guys, so before I let Zach take over the blog I wanted to just say that if you’re a fellow blogger too, I HIGHLY recommend that you completely give full access to your significant other and just let them go crazy; it’s the cutest thing ever.

When I first read what Zach wrote for the blog you best believe I had full tears down my face! So cute! So, I guess I should let him take the wheel… here’s Zach Konstanzer taking over Lipstick n Lattes!

Everything you need to know about Kristen

By Zach Konstanzer

Nothing sparkles as much as Kristen, both inside and out. Unfortunately that sparkle is everlasting in our house, as I still find glitter from a present she gave me over a year ago. Glitter is no longer allowed in our house.

Everyday that I come home, she jumps into my arms. Every. Single. Day. It’s all I look forward to on my ride home from work.

Makeup. Everywhere. I’ve seen her wake up at the ass crack of dawn to put makeup on. She’s dedicated, but her vanity looks like a grenade went through it.

She can cook. The first meal she ever made me was a huge flop. She recovered quickly. We mix it up and while I do most of the cooking, she experiments in the kitchen, and it’s always good.

She’s a proud dog mom. She takes care of our fur baby and somehow gets her voice even higher pitched to talk to the dog.

Positivity. Everything will work it’s way out in the end, no matter how bad a situation is, she can put a positive spin on it. It’s my second favorite quality she has.

She gets excited about the smallest things, and I love it. I will buy her flowers randomly and it’s as if she walked outside to a new Mercedes.

She gets after it. From going to school full time, managing her blog, taking care of our puppy, and working damn near 40 hours every week, she rarely ever has a day off. She’s great at balancing life.

She’s a full-blown coffee addict. I’m afraid to see what would happen if she didn’t have it for a day. I keep an emergency supply of K-Cups.

She doesn’t complain. Relationships can be so great when you don’t sweat the small stuff; and she always does a great job of that.

She’s hot for a reason. I’ll be the first one to tell you, my girlfriend is an absolute smokeshow, but she works at it everyday. Together we manage to eat extremely clean (during the week), and she somehow finds time to workout on a very regular basis. I give her mad props for that.

She’s adaptable. if things don’t go to plan, she doesn’t freak out.

She’s a crier…but not an ugly one. She’s human and things do get to her sometimes, causing her to shed a few drops. It never lasts long, but ice cream usually gets her bouncing around again.

Bubbly. Her personality is well known throughout work to raise moral. Her nickname at one point was literally “Bubbles.”

She’s happy. Don’t get me wrong, I do everything I can to keep her happy, but she is genuinely the happiest person I know. Life is fun with her.

Love. It’s what Kristen does best, and my favorite thing about her. She has more love than anyone I have ever met, and she spreads it in everything she does.