Just like any other girl on this planet, I love a good sale! I mean really, who doesn’t?!

What’s even better  is a great promo code to basically have a sale WHENEVER! (And a good promo code that allows you to use it on SALE ITEMS TOO!!)

One of my FAVORITE little online boutiques, Persuade Boutique  was SO kind to give me a promo code to share with all of my lovely followers (you guys!) and it DOES work on sale items!!

That code is KRISTEN15 

The owner is so kind and sweet and has the best interest in what she is selling. She always listens to what people want, what needs to be restocked, and having things available in a versatile amount of sizes!

Things sell out quickly!!

Sadly this outfit in this post is entirely sold out, however there may be some future restocks!!

Some of my current fave new arrivals:

Black Linen Two Piece Set 

The Shelby Dress

Black Side Tie Wrap Skort

More Extra Than Guac Shirt

Blue Paisley Set



How often do you actually stop and think, throughout your day, about the things you absolutely would not be able to get through your day without?

I have way more than can count, however I wanted to share the main ingredients to my day that I just absolutely could not live without.


I mean hello, DUH COFFEE! It’s how I start my day!! (real talk though, I do always make sure to drink an entire mason jar full of water before I dive into my morning coffee) Without coffee I don’t think I could survive one day. On the days that for WHATEVER reason I cannot get my hands on it, I notice it drastically. Which honestly, can’t be too healthy? Oops!


I’m sorry for being one of those girls, BUT it’s true people. I can’t live without the gym. When I first moved to Georgia, away from Lifetime Fitness, the actual holy GRAIL of health clubs, I had the MOST difficult time finding a gym that fit me, and that I loved. The gym is my happy place. It’s my stress relief, and my grounder.


My sister is my absolute BEST friend. If you know us, and you’ve seen us together, then you totally know. Sisters are just an absolute blessing and moving 1,000 miles away from her did absolutely nothing to our relationship. While I do miss our sleepovers, her coming into my room at night just to talk for hours, stealing each other’s clothes and hiding them so we wouldn’t know that we took them, and most importantly doing absolutely everything and anything together, we still talk on the phone DAILY and are always updated on each other’s lives.


SKIN. IS. IN. LADIES!! Lets get in the habit of treating it like royalty shall we?? Especially right now, in the midst of summer, when the rays are PIPING down on our skin! Finding a good sunscreen that you can wear daily is a trial and error process, but I promise you that your skin will THANK you in the future for wearing this daily protection. (And no ladies, the SPF in your foundation DOES NOT count!)


I mean, this one is a given…look at my blog name. LOL But seriously, I am a fiend about having something on my lips at absolutely all times, no exceptions. My boyfriend, however, is not so much a fan of this need of mine, because I get it EVERYWHERE, however, I just have to. My vanity drawer is full to capacity with different shades, colors, brands, and styles of lipgloss. I swear I don’t have a problem…


I actually cried when I had to trade in my old phone and I lost all of my pictures, conversations, and just about everything else you can lose when you get a new phone that won’t transfer all of your old items. I like genuinely am attached to it and I KNOW that’s not healthy, but it’s true. *shrugs*


I KID you not I could not live without this amazing piece of jade that works WONDERS on your skin!! Every morning when I wake up it’s the FIRST thing that I do. It helps with lymphatic drainage, de-puffing, coloration, and SO much more! I actually have an entire blog post on everything Jade rolling you can find here! It is just so relaxing to roll out your face every morning. You can even leave it in the fridge overnight for an insane sensation in the morning and for extra de-puffing of the face.


Ok, I know, weird right? But like think about how awesome floss is and all of the HEALTH benefits it also comes with!! I have been obsessed with my teeth ever since wearing braces for three out of the four years that I was in high school. Flossing is honestly so therapeutic to me, and it just makes you feel ten times cleaner. I know that I get this obsession from my mom, who would always keep floss in her purse, AND her car; she would literally floss her teeth the second we got in the car after eating out somewhere.


I am a true believer that when your eyelashes look good, you don’t need anything else on your face. I used to get lash extensions, but honestly they’re just not for me. I love a good false lash, but I also love a good natural lash with some mascara swiped over them. Since I love to change it up so much, I saw no need in continuing the extensions when I have long, natural lashes that I could switch up with different mascaras myself! My current fave is the L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black.


Because, duh!

So I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite things that life has to offer! There are SO many things that I know I couldn’t live without, and honestly, only picking 10 was very hard! Comment on my latest Instagram pic some of the things that YOU can’t live without.




Amazon Prime is something that came into my life that I had no idea I would absolutely love so much. It’s gotten me into the habit of thinking that everything that I order is going to come in two days or less. (Oops? LOL)Prime Day is officially HERE and I am beyond ready. Below, in this post, I shared with you guys everything I have ever ordered from Prime that I felt others should also have in their lives. (This is not EVERYTHING I’ve ever ordered, just some of my faves, most helpful, etc.) Happy Prime Day shopping!


These Gucci look-a-likes

This Louis Vuitton look-a-like wallet

This identical MVMT watch

This Gucci Belt replica

This adorable red dress.

This tropical romper is SO comfy.

This super adorable, insta pic worthy bikini that comes in INSANE amounts of colors.

These leggings are the COMFIEST leggings ever! And only $20!! I bought them in pink and Aqua Blue.


My absolute FAVE skincare mists EVER! By Mario Badescu

This suuper moisturizing cocoa butter for after showers.

Rosehip Oil is one of my BEST skincare secrets that not many know about! It has so many healing properties for the skin and is suuuper moisturizing! This specific Rosehip Oil does quality for PrimeDay as well!

I cannot rave about these masks to you enough! I’m Real sheet masks have absolutely saved my skin during many trips where airplanes and weather conditions did not comply with my skin. These are quick, and give you the glowiest, healthiest looking and feeling skin.

A jade roller. Because how can you have an Amazon account and NOT own a jade roller. Seriously though, the benefits are amazing and it is highly recommended!

This VERB Ghost oil is super light weight, smells delicious, and will give your hair an insane shine.

This Indian Healing Clay has SO many amazing skin care properties, you’ll never spend $80 on a face mask ever again! And it’s less than $10!!



And boy was it a trip to remember. I honestly never, would have EVER, thought I would fall in absolute love with Nevada, the way that I did.

At first I was really excited to just share my pretty pictures with you, and give you all of the juicy details of a Chippendales show, however, after returning home from my trip with my mom and my aunt, I’ve been having some different thoughts.

Post vacation depression has been SO real, and it’s been really sitting with me differently than it ever has before. And for some reason, I’m not the only one. My mom and aunt have also been expressing to me daily how sad they both feel also, and if you are as close to your family the way we are, then I know you totally understand.

Being in such a happy, sunshine filled environment with the ones you love can be such a high time. You’re at your best, living your absolute best life, and then suddenly it’s back to reality. Which, yes, that’s life, but it can also be even harder when you’re life now is suddenly across the country, away from your favorite people.

So, some ways that I have been getting out of this funk I’ve been in, and back into my daily routines are pretty simple:

Eating healthy…

Getting back from a week long vacation of eating whatever is put in front of you can really play a huge role in why you don’t feel like yourself. Healthy foods help you feel happier! So when you get out of routine and eat deep fried foods, and alcohol in every drink you have, it can take a toll on your mental health. When you don’t feel good, you obviously don’t feel the happiest.

I’ve been incorporating smoothies, lots of greens, and plenty of proteins into my diet since coming home, and also drinking a ton of water to get myself back to normal.


So, Zach totally gave me so much shit for this, however Nevada is a THREE hour time difference from Savannah. Also, going to sleep at 3 AM everyday, Vegas time, was NOT easy to get used to coming home. My brain was ALL out of wack so I have been very thankful to have a job that allows me to sleep ALL day long to catch back up and allow my mind to get back on East Coast time.


Working out releases endorphins ladies!!!! I know you all know this, and have been told this many, many times, but I’m not saying go have a hard core, sweat filled workout that makes you not be able to walk the next day. (Unless that’s your thing, DO YOU GIRL!) But go walk your dog, walk on a treadmill, do some light weight workouts, do some yoga, ALL I’m saying is GET MOVING!

Your mind will thank you later.


My number ONE post-vacation depression tip is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAAAN!

Whether it’s brunch with your girlfriends, a date night with your significant other, or even your next trip! Planning something will get you back in the excitement of having something to look forward to and getting back into your daily routine a little more easily.